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Annie (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 23873  


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Rose Byrne as Grace
Mila Kunis as Andrea Alvin
Cameron Diaz as Hannigan
Ashton Kutcher as Simon Goodspeed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mskarpari 10 / 10

This movie makes my day!!

WOW!!! What a delightful surprise!! Everyone in the family LOVED this movie, and yeah we enjoy this version much more than the original, and we are white (for the ones who claim that this is the black version of Annie)!! My 3yr old daughter is obsessed with it and even my husband who hates musicals really liked this one because there is a much more realistic vibe to it; the beats are groovy, the singing is impeccable and it is not accompanied by excessive dancing involving a group of 100 all with the same facial expression :) Yeap, this is not your typical is so much better!! Instead of skipping the singing moments you play them over and over again. And the kid..Annie...OH MY what a voice! I cannot believe how much emotion she puts into her songs and she is only 11!

Reviewed by Tyler Jewell 10 / 10

Cameron Diaz

I love that movie. But, Cameron Diaz is a good actress in Shrek film series. I love Shrek movie to Cameron Diaz. Could you give Cameron Diaz a favor? I just want her to find Macaulay Culkin somewhere in New York City. Call the police and call the straight jacket mental hospital for Macaulay Culkin. Cameron Diaz wants to see him in New York City. Ask her that I want to speak with her. Macaulay Culkin's in trouble. Call the straight jacket mental hospital to Macaulay Culkin and New York Police Department to find Macaulay Culkin. I would like to speak with him, please. It's important. Don't worry, I guess I'll see you real soon. Just ask Cameron Diaz to see me in Rocklin, California. Tell her to bring Macaulay Culkin in Rocklin, California too. I've got a surprise for the animated movies. It's a Disney movie. And now, I've got a work to do. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you love this. Have a nice day.

Reviewed by mryoung-53773 10 / 10

Loved it!!!

I don't know why some people don't like this movie! I don't think this movie is cheesy at all. I absolutely loved it! I love the modern take on it. I love the actors and actresses and all of the songs. I have watched it several times now. I love how Quvenzhané Wallis gives off the "okay, I don't care" act when things rise up against her character (Annie) in the movie. But as she walks away, you can see her true emotion of hurt or sadness show through. I think that shows what a good actress she is growing up to be. I love the modern take on the original songs as well as the new songs added. I think this is a very well made movie. I wish it had better reviews than it has been getting.

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