Anne of the Thousand Days


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
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Elizabeth Taylor as Masked Courtesan
Richard Burton as King Henry VIII
Kate Burton as Serving Maid
Geneviève Bujold as Anne Boleyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TrevorAclea 8 / 10

Grand entertainment

Anne of the Thousand Days is an enjoyably lavish entertainment from the days when duelling kings and commoners were all the rage at the box-office – Beckett, A Man For All Seasons, The Lion in Winter – before Cromwell and Mary Queen of Scots all but killed off the genre. As history, its better at the general details than the specifics, but it's magnificently staged and not without some dry wit and humour ("We used the incest excuse last time. We can't make a habit of it."), most of it intentional – there's not a writer alive who wouldn't be aware of the effect that giving Richard Burton dialogue like "Divorce is like killing – after the first time it's easy" would have on an audience. There's even some pathos in the final image of Henry callously riding off to his next bride as his last one's blood stains the hay on the executioner's scaffold. Burton is on good form before he lurched into drunken autopilot mode, and Genevieve Bujold does well as the alternately innocent and vindictive Anne Boleyn. Even the usually arch and hammy John Colicos is fine as the overambitious Thomas Cromwell, but it's the eternally undervalued Anthony Quayle who steals the acting honours as Cardinal Wolsey, even making you feel for the old monster as he falls from favour.

Reviewed by Caledonia Twin #1 10 / 10

A Classic! Worth Watching for Performance of Geneviève Bujold!

Despite historical inaccuracies necessarily prevalent in historical dramas (i.e. not documentaries), this film is exquisitely conceived, written, directed, and performed. In my opinion, it is perhaps one of the best historical dramas ever produced, and both Bujold and Burton are remarkable. It's a pity that this film is not more widely known. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by shantaar-1 9 / 10

splendidly acted!

This is one of the most-overlooked movies I've ever seen! It is excellent. This film, based on Maxwell Anderson's play, really makes history feel alive! Richard Burton is fine here, as always, very magnetic as Henry VIII but he absolute joy of this picture is Genevieve Bujold, in her first major picture, as Anne Boylen. How she failed to wina n Oscar is beyond me.

The set and costumes are great and the acting is stellar. This is all aobut henry's quest for a male heir. Since Catharine of Aragon failed to produce one, he dumps her and seeks out Anne. For a thousand days they are happy. But only a daughter, Elizabeth, is born to them. So Henry accuses her, falsely, of adulter and asks annulment, which the church refuses. Henry decides that will not stop him, he puts her to death, having her beheaded and promptly rides off to romance Jane Seymour (the real person not the actress). But Anne can die with diginity for Elizabeth is hers and will be a far greater queen than any king Henry could have sired. Highly recommend for all fans of Burton and historical drama.

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