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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DanHasThreeLetters 4 / 10

Robert LaSado saves it from being a total dud

A very simple 'lure tourists into a dodgy place in order to do despicable things to them' type of horror.

Overall the acting is poor but Robert LaSado is the saving grace here (you might not recognise his name but you've most likely recognise his face).

I mean he can't make you care for the other characters fate of course (being that most of them are such poor actors and very duchy you kind of feel like they deserve to die... in the movie that is) and it doesn't ever really get scary for the same reason (and plot and directing etc of course as well) but Robert LaSado is an effective bad guy and with any lesser actor this could have flunked completely.

But the Gothic atmosphere is pretty cool as well, and plenty of eye-candy (the women most likely got their roles for their willingness to appear nude more than their acting-abilities... but then they are no worse than the other guys).

So yeah definitely nothing you need to see but nothing you have to absolutely avoid either, if it's on TV one late night or so.

Reviewed by parsonm2 7 / 10

Much Better than I expected and Not without Merit

This movie has poor IMDb ratings. However, it is actually much better than it's rating might suggest. If your a horror movie watcher, you'll probably rate this movie higher than the general viewing public. No it isn't anything stellar but it held my attention the whole time and entertained me. This is what many people consider Torture porn and is definitely not for the squeamish. Much like the Hostel movies, most can take only so much of movies like this. This movie isn't without some merits though and a decent plot and ending. It is also an under-watched movie which perhaps merits more notice.

If you liked Hostel and can watch/stomach a couple scenes that definitely qualify as torture, you might give it a watch. The story isn't bad.

Reviewed by summersimmons-89038 9 / 10

A Gory Satirical tweak on the horror genre - and damn fun to watch!

The genesis is this: a group of kids are on vacation in Lithuania and all hell breaks loose. The difference between this movie and films like Hostel is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead of following typical storytelling conventions that try to get you to care about the kids on vacation, Anarchy Parlor invests its time in the bad guys. Here, he's not just a one dimensional psychopath, he's a fully fleshed out character, hero and anti-hero. And his apprentice, a woman by the way is the psychopath.

The kids do in fact make a series of horrible decisions. So horrible, that its clearly a wink and a nod at the audience, like hey, we know what you came to see and we're gonna give it to you! The production value is amazing. The gore is so realistic, I had to watch with volume down. The torture scenes, plus the eerie Tattoo Owner and his apprentice are worth the price of admission. It does a nice job of balancing the intensity (check the chase sequence) with levity and some pretty raunchy sex scenes for all you fan boys out there. It also wastes zero time getting to the long set ups, no lengthy dialogue, you're in it right away.

It reminds me of what horror movies used to be, fun, silly and scary. I'd much rather hear these kids curse up a storm before they get sliced and diced than be bored to death with some convoluted mythology that takes so long to explain, I stop caring at all. It also has a great twist at the end that elevates it from just your typical horror flick to a damn how did I miss that?! Head Scratcher. Anarchy Parlor is just straight up fun to watch!

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