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Dina Meyer as Kelly
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Diane Ladd as Betty
Marshall R. Teague as Col. Crane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krb138 1 / 10

Modern day propaganda film, action-coated for idiots.

Hide your guns! They're a-comin' for em! Obviously the rest of the civilized world is involved in a conspiracy to take away all of our guns and destroy the American way of life, so we don't need to address plot.

In all honesty, this is just a bad Right-Wing propaganda film dressed up as an action movie and devoid of intelligent, rational thought for the intended audience. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff made specifically to control people through fear. Plain and simple, this is a tool to get all of the gun-loving rednecks from my region of the country riled up before this year's election.

If this review makes you angry, don't worry, just go outside and fire that assault rifle that you "need" for home defense into the air a few times. Soon you'll forget about me and this review and remember what it means to be a real American.

In a couple of months, the elections will be over, the Republicans will likely have suffered a humiliating defeat, and you can move on to whatever conspiracy theory they decide to feed you for the next few years.

For reasonable people, you can go ahead and skip this one unless you just want to laugh at the sheer stupidity.

Reviewed by amerstaff 1 / 10

Seriously ?

This movie is an tragedy and insult to all people with common logic and knowledge . Once again the US and their " freedom " is under attack and the bunch of "patriots " are saving America. I don't have problems with B movies but this one ., this story is so , so stupid that I had to comment on it . Even the birds on the tree knows who is the biggest imperialist country in the world but somehow in the movies they are always the victim and the enemy this time are the United Nations ( biggest sponsor of the UN is US , basically UN is in the pocket of US ) This movie could only be good for somebody from the US ., probably only from Texas and other rednecks parts of the US . Just unbelievable ., just trash of the story :)

Reviewed by killgoredarkskies 5 / 10

90 minutes of Message

This film is short and clearly it's budget was constricted, but I appreciate the intent - few who are at polar opposites to Al Gore and the likes of the Clooney's or Kate Beckinsale ever get a chance to drive what's on the Big Screen. One could say this film is a sort of "opera", it's far easier to connect with when you already know what to expect - and in that sense Heavin and Norris actually score "OK" by my reckoning - this is a synthesis of many books that inform and alarm (One Second After, the Patriots and Survivors series, etc.) Will the people who shied away from 13 Hours come to watch this movie, of course not ! The Dog Whistles that also drove the mainstream of Hollywood to disdain the 300 movie for its values are certainly working overtime against AmeriGeddon.

On the plus side, it's shorter than the re-make of Red Dawn.

I would get the US troops helmets, and remember that "the brig" is a term of the Navy and Marines.

IMHO the title is terrible ... and yes the climax is like an episode of the A-Team. On the other hand this could be a good double-feature with Invasion USA ...

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