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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by runamokprods 9 / 10

I was surprised I liked this film so much.

While I grew up enjoying Johnny Carson, he wasn't somebody I felt driven to know more about. But this almost 2 hour documentary does a terrific job of dovetailing both the public and private sides of the man to give a portrait of a tremendous talent who could handle anything on his show with amazing spontaneous grace and humor, but had a much harder time dealing with people, love and family out in the real world. A complete extrovert on-stage, he was a true introvert away from the lights, struggling with drinking, anger and extra-martial affairs. Yet while the film doesn't flinch in looking at his sad and dark sides, it does so with compassion and never feels like a hit job. It balances these darker, sometimes very moving sections with great clips from "The Tonight Show" that remind one just how damn funny the guy could be, in spite of his troubled personal life.

For a film I wasn't sure I even wanted to see, it did an excellent job of hooking me in and riveting me in telling the story of a great entertainer who was far more complicated than I imagined.

Reviewed by F_Jenkins 9 / 10

Well done doc about the king

Beautifully done documentary on Johnny Carson. There are some laugh out loud moments - makes you want to rent some Carson DVDs. This covers the life of Johnny from his beginnings during television's beginnings to his rise as the king of late night TV - a mantle many have tried to claim or just get a piece of but none have succeeded. The best part is hearing other comics talk in glowing praise of Johnny - how no one could ever be as good as him - and the feeling of appearing on the Tonight Show for the first time. Drew Carey breaking up as he talks about getting the nod to come to the chair after his first set was really great. Letterman's praise is spot on too as is Seinfeld's. They are great in their own right but know, Carson is king and will never be dethroned, even after his passing. A great documentary for fans of Carson, comedy or just documentaries in general.

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