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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
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Stephen Dorff as Melvin
Eddie Griffin as Lucille
Dominique Perry as Yolanda
Starlette Miariaunii as Pool Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnnmilw 7 / 10

A hero movie without the bling

Finally, a hero movie that doesn't insult our intelligence. Most of us are so used to feats of strength (heavy objects flying through the air, hard objects bending at will, physical skills that defy science)that we forget basic humanity may be a big part of what makes a person a hero. In this movie, we see how an ordinary man, endowed with certain abnormal skills, exhibits more of his human side than his 'super' side. Human qualities, lack of personal direction, love, sympathy, pleasure, self-destruction, etc, can be characteristic of most movies about heroes, but what we eventually is a dizzying display of special effects, demonstrating what is supposed to be 'super human'. There is always a presumption that certain folks are exceptionally moral and/or ethical and usually guns or super human strength (and the explosions, use of force, testosterone-driven theatrics that accompany it) may be necessary in order that the hero wins the day. doubt. But it focuses on the 'super' as opposed to the 'human'. This movie does a fine job focusing on the human condition and does so in a low-key, humorous way. The characters are somewhat exaggerated as to identify various life forces acting within a particular area of this city. Drug-pushers, young children, disenfranchised vets, etc, all play a roll in a rich chemistry of characters. The 'hero', a fun, conscientious partier, trying to escape responsibility, and who, seemingly, follows the adage 'If you don't know where you're going, stay put until you do!' A vet, helpless in some ways, appreciative and in full contact in others, adds many levels of emotion to the movie and us wonderful in it. Overall, if you're expecting Iron Man...move on. If you're OK with may enjoy the subtleties this movie brings to the table.

Reviewed by djangozelf-12351 7 / 10

A great little movie.

This was a some what odd movie and it is difficult to explain what this movie is trying to tell.

It seems to be a very simple story about a man(Stephen Dorff) who is trying to change his lavish lifestyle so he can see his son again.The other side of it is that he can move objects by using his mind which he mostly uses to have fun with or make a quick buck with.

The strength of the movie comes from the relationships he has with other people who all basically tell him that he has a gift and he should do more with it than only use it for personal gain.

Especially his best friend in this movie played by Eddie Griffin stresses this the whole movie thru and the chemistry between them worked really well in this movie.

It's a little like Hancock but than much more reality based and instead of taking on a whole city this one is scaled down to a community within a neighborhood.In this lies the next strength because they take the time to let you get to know the characters within this community.

The documentary style of filming sometimes felt a little strange but that also adds to the reality feel of it all and it gives you the idea you get to see everything from close up.

Somethings could have been explored a little more but with the redemption in the end it still feels like a completed movie.

I recommend it and can't wait to see what other people think about it.

Really,REALLY surprised I was the first to rate this on IMDb because I was expecting a theater release for this and now I saw it on the net.

Another thing that blew my mind was the budget on this because it has 2 well known actors and the special effects all looked top notch.

I hope this is a new trend and more movies will be made this way.

It was both entertaining and it also made me think.

Go see it and enjoy.

Reviewed by svenfost 7 / 10

I could if I wanted to… But I won't.

That's the story of my life, as it is for many. "I could quit bad habits and write a novel, but I'm stuck in my couch watching other peoples dream instead, as the years go by." I'm going to show this movie to my young neighbour following the same path: "I'll be an astronaut one day, but right now, I'll just have a joint in the bath tub." Steven Dorff is great in this role: sincere and sober (his acting, not the character). He is highly credible as a drunk cokehead and pothead. The realism is reinforced by the handshake camera and a couple of winks at the cameraman. I'm a fan of inclusions of supernatural into a realistic story: a movie is a fiction, so why being limited by the lows of physics? On the other hand, when a movie starts talking supernatural, it usually becomes a central point, leaving the characters soulless. Making digressions from a realistic comedy into a magical world is not common, except in some Latin American movies. They are often misunderstood by the viewers, as they aren't complying to knows standards. When lows of physics are breached to serve the story, I find it perfectly acceptable. Aren't teleportation, flying and telekinesis common in night dreams?

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