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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slabihoud 8 / 10

Robert Altman: too large for one film

I fully agree with the reviewer from Finland. The film is well made, lots of snippets of old interviews and many voice-overs by family members. But consider the sheer amount of films that should be covered, not to mention the many layers they have, it is ridiculous to thing one can do them justice in about 90 minutes. Just think that most of Altman's film ran about 2 hours and more and often have a multitude of characters. So is his life. What this documentary offers is just a very short synopsis, a glance that raises some questions but has no time to answer. A good example of what is missing, there are many famous people in his films, many still living, some were invited to answer the question, what they consider as "altmanesque", but they were not allowed to say any more! what a missed chance!! They might tell some sides we don't get from the family. I guess we have to wait for another Altman documentary to get all in one!

Reviewed by gavin6942 8 / 10


A look at the life and work of American filmmaker Robert Altman.

For anyone who loves film and its history, this is a must-see documentary. The career of Robert Altman spanned many decades and he worked with just about anyone who was anyone, making some of the greatest films of all time. Some duds, too, but that will happen.

Rather than just talking to a handful of people about their memories, this mixes in plenty of home footage, Altman's own memories, and those of his wife. While his career could fit into a much longer film, for the time frame allotted they did a great job covering his whole life and leaving us wanting more rather than opening up the possibility we could get bored.

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