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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beezee30 1 / 10

So unbelievable

In a city such as HK with millions of Asians, an Asian-American woman from LA ends up chatting to... a white man from NYC?! Really?!! The sheer coincidence is just unbelievable. I get that there are some American expats in HK but they are easily outnumbered by expats from the UK and Australia who tend to be mostly Asian.

And what is it with Western media portraying white men as the saviour of Asian women? This would have been more believable if Jamie Chung was paired up with an expat who is Asian of Chinese descent. This is HK after all. The subject is briefly and quickly mentioned and brushed over in the film. If the film had explored the subject in more depth it would have aided to their character development.

The film is full of spoken exposition. A film is supposed to SHOW not TELL. Otherwise I would have watched a stage play or an episode of a soap opera instead.

The worst part is that the two leads exhibit zero chemistry on screen considering they are married in real life. There exist no spark of attraction between the two in the film. Bryan Greenberg's acting is passable but Jamie Chung is just awful, clearly requiring further acting classes.

The cinematography is striking but the film is just style with no substance.

Reviewed by smasonnc 4 / 10

More Hong Kong, less of these two

I wanted to love this movie because Hong Kong was portrayed so beautifully. They got a lot of aspects of Hong Kong right, but the two main characters had no chemistry and the acting was so bad it was distracting.

The script, assuming this drivel wasn't all ad-libbed, was contrived and unimaginative. First of all, the guy, Josh, was in finance and the girl, Ruby, encourages him to "follow his dream" of becoming a writer. Why do the villagers all have their pitchforks out for bankers? It's low hanging fruit. He wants to be a writer, but for someone who minored in English lit, his grammar is atrocious. What if his dream is to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world and not have to sell his blood to live?

So Josh, on the advice of a girl he met once, quits his cushy bank job and decides to write full time. Paying rent in Hong Kong is tough even on a banker's salary. I hope he saved a lot of those bonus checks, so he can afford to be an unemployed writer in one of the most expensive cities in the world. He's so much cooler, though, what with the hipstery beard and plaid shirt and all.

I noticed a few technical aspects which were probably dramatic license. The night they first meet, Josh offers to show Ruby to Lan Kwai Fong, which is 10 minutes away. The way he took her was the complete opposite direction and the escalator only goes up at night so they couldn't have taken it to Lan Kwai Fong. They even threw in a shot of a tram which is not even close to where they were going. Was he being creepy taking her the long way or was it for scenic effect?

I gave it 4/10 because the Hong Kong scenery looked gorgeous. I have to give the filmmakers credit for making the Temple Street Night Market actually look like fun instead of a vast assortment of cheap tourist crap. Another transit issue, they went through all that to find a taxi to HK Island when the fast, cheap MTR is right there. That's probably because the MTR is not nearly as cozy and romantic a setting in which to decide whether or not you are cheating on your significant other. BTW, if you have to keep a relationship secret, you are.

As a love letter to Hong Kong, this works. As a love story, it falls flat. I would watch it again, only this time with the sound off.

Reviewed by theweffy 2 / 10

Cute Concept, but Nope

I give this movie two stars because as many have already pointed out, the scenery is exquisite and makes me want to visit Hong Kong. Although it sounds dangerous. I would run the risk of running into these two and dying of boredom.

The two main characters' banter is extremely awkward and wooden. It makes you realize it's probably pretty hard to write good dialogue so I have a better appreciation for filmmakers who do. These two sound like they are actually Barbie dolls and children are speaking through them. For example:

Boy: what are you doing here? Girl: I actually live here now. Boy: what? You moved here? To Hong Kong?

I guess in case the audience fell asleep and forgot where the movie was set in.

There are some problems that I had with the movie. Mainly how painful listening to the characters talking to each other which is the main focal point of the movie.

I feel like I maybe could see what they were trying to go for and the premise is promising.. but you really need great writing to hold the interest of the audience. Too bad this fell very short. It's not saying much when the saving grace of a film is looking at the natural beauty of the setting its in - nothing the filmmaker can take much credit for, other than having access to a nice camera.

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