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Jennifer Connelly as Nana Kunning
Mélanie Laurent as Jannia Ressmore
Oona Chaplin as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan_Cheadle 5 / 10

Aloft is a bit aloof

The acting is fine, Jennifer Connelly is always good as is Cillian Murphy and the kid-actors were fine as well.

Visually it's also a nice looking movie, with limited colours that creates and cold and melancholic feeling which suits the movie just fine, because it is rather melancholic.

The movie though is just good enough not to be bad, but far from great.

Needless to say Jennifer Connelly's character is very spiritual and believes in healing, I believe her character is supposed to be Native American although I am not quite sure about this but a lot of her spiritual beliefs stem from them if nothing else.

So it helps if you have some sort of interest in that or at least an open mind because it's not always very up front and direct in it's approach to tell the story with plenty of metaphors and subtlety more so than direct big orchestrated dramatic scenes.

The blu-ray version (at least the one I watched could possibly differ in some countries) is 97 minutes, and not 112 minutes like it says on IMDb.

From what I've heard the version shown on festivals was indeed 112 minutes but it wasn't received that well so they cut it down to 97 minutes for the blu-ray/DVD market.

And although that caught me off guard initially, I'm not quite sure if it would be able to sustain my interest for 112 minutes so this could be one of those times where the cut down version is actually better, although I of course can't be sure about this.

Reviewed by Justin-354-218379 1 / 10

What the heck did I just watch?

An hour and a half into the movie and I am still not entirely sure what is happening. Seriously what the heck am I watching? Terrible movie. Jumps back and forth between the past and future at unrelated points in the story. Dialog is boring. Hard to follow what is going on. Character development is non-existent. The mother discovers she is a mystic healer. The son keeps and trains and keeps predator birds (falcons specifically). The execution of the premise is even more weird and poorly executed than it sounds. This is a really poorly developed story that never should have been made into a movie. Through its entirety the viewer is subjected to bad writing (no range in vocabulary) with a plot that never really happens. The attempt is to masquerade as some deep art piece. It fails. Film was just a crap indie film or a B-Role movie intended to go straight to RedBox. And even it that low bar to shoot for, if the directors hadn't scored Jennifer Connelly in the lead role it wouldn't have even attracted viewership in that subprime outlet. This movie totally relies on viewer recognizing the star on the DVD cover to entice giving the movie a chance. Its not worth the buck you feed into a Redbox machine to rent it. AVOID and spend the hour and a half of your like doing something more worthwhile like try watching paint dry.

Reviewed by Sherazade 7 / 10

Choppy editing almost ruined the film for me

This was a good watch but there were so many parts that didn't make sense. After watching the film, I came online to read what people had to say and behold! I was right, some key parts were missing from the US theatrical version, at least fifteen minutes of footage was left on the cutting room floor and I feel they should have at least left in the part where grown up Ivan (Cillian Murphy) and the journalist (Mélanie Laurent) had an affair. It would have explained why he suddenly became affectionate towards her (this alone changed the course of the movie without rhyme or reason) in the final quarter of the film as well as made the story come full circle with the issue of abandonment that seemed to plague Ivan's lineage. The main characters were mostly unlikable but the actors behind them were good enough in the roles to keep you interested in what happens next. All in all it was definitely worth the watch and not as bad as it was reviewed.

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