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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck 6 / 10

Nothing original or unexpected but still worth your time. Much better than I was expecting.

"A woman takes what she wants, when she wants it." Maggie (Parker) is starting to lose touch with her daughter Summer (Day). In an effort to reconnect they take a trip to Italy. Maggie sees this as a bonding experience but Summer sees it as punishment and is worried about her boyfriend who she left. When Maggie reconnects with a former love it only enforces Summer's desire to return home and she takes a car, and a grandma, and will stop at nothing to fly home. Maggie will stop at nothing to stop her. This is really not that bad of a movie. Generic and formulaic but still worth seeing and I actually enjoyed watching this. The movie is pretty predictable but it is a romantic comedy so that is to be expected. In terms of chick-flicks I have seen worse and while this is nothing super outstanding it was better than I was expecting and I laughed quite a bit. Overall, nothing original or unexpected but still worth your time. Much better than I was expecting. I give this a B.

Reviewed by Amy Adler 8 / 10

All roads lead to romantic comedies, for us die-hard fans; this one is quite wonderful

Maggie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a divorced college professor in Manhattan. So, her marriage struck out. Now, she is having serious trouble with her 17 year old daughter, Summer (Rosie Day). Summer has chosen a bad boy for a boyfriend and Maggie is at her wit's end trying to discourage her offspring. Finally, in desperation, she drags Summer away to Italy, for maybe an ocean will work wonders, Besides that, Maggie was once a grad student in Tuscany and she wants to revisit a time of happiness. But, ho, what memories indeed. Almost at once, Mags runs into Luca (Raoul Bova), a former flame, who still lives the single life in the country, caring for his 80 year old Mother (Claudia Cardinale). There's electricity in the air between the two who once loved each other. While they are engaging themselves in conversation, Summer steals a car to head back to Rome for a jet plane back home. Riding shotgun is Luca's Mama who wants to meet her fiancé in Rome to get married once and for all. This is against Luca's wishes. The two fugitives find they have much in common and bond quickly while Maggie and Luca speed off to get them back. Will love grow again on a journey to Rome for the one- time lovers? This lovely romantic comedy has so many assets. The cast is great, with Parker always an engaging performer and Bova just a doll. Day and Cardinale are terrific also as the delinquents. Then, what could be more beautiful than the Italian Tuscany, with its put your eyes out glory? With a funny script that is a mixture of languages and a tireless direction, this trip is well worth taking. Romcom fans, all roads lead to enjoyment if you make the trip to find this nice little flick.

Reviewed by asFWS 2 / 10

Half watch, or don't watch

This is handleable to watch when you're in the mood to half-watch something. I watched it half whilst working and still followed it, without subtitles when there's odd conversations in Italian - it's that empty and predictable. I love SJP so I am really disappointed in this. Every bit was predictable, I guessed the relations, the start, middle and outcome. The soundtrack is appalling. It's actually the first thing that put me off the film. And I can't believe that I heard the girl's tattoos being described and defended, in 2016! I'm reviewing it with about 10 minutes left - and I know how it's going to end. Don't bother until it comes on TV and you're hung over or sick and worried about falling asleep in front of the box - because you won't miss anything.

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