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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by devilsadvocatered6 1 / 10


This movie makes Twilight look like cinematic gold by comparison, and that is not to be taken lightly. I won't go through the entire plot here or point out all the inconsistencies, that would take all day. Instead, I'm going to be as methodical as possible and break this dumpster fire down into a few select categories: characters, story, cinematography and editing.

Characters: Fail

Story: Fail

Cinematography: Fail

Editing: Fail

1) The characters are uninteresting and terminally stupid. For example, let's say you're in a car with 4 of your buddies and the driver decides to randomly pull over. The driver then insists that everyone takes a 3 mile hike into the woods. What do you, a sane and rational person do? If you said: 'stay in the car', give yourself a cookie! If you said that's not at all suspicious and go into the woods, punch yourself in the genitals.

2) This movie takes 90 minutes to tell a story that could have been told in 15. Here, I'll do it in one sentence. Angry spirits in the woods demand sacrifice. That's about it. Everything else in the remaining 75 minutes is filler of the most asinine degree.

3) So boring to look at. This movie takes place in two locations: a house and the woods. There are exciting ways to film the outdoors, of course. The Revenant made it look awesome. This movie is just flat angles, terrible lighting and completely lacking in the language of film.

4) Holy mental deficiencies, Batman! There are editing errors all over the place here.The one sequence where one of the main characters gets chased by a bear was so badly handled that I laughed until my lungs exploded (I got better). They use stock footage of a cub, not even a full grown bear.

In closing, this is not a slasher movie as the artwork may lead you to believe. This is an attempt at a supernatural sort of affair like The Blair Witch Project...except all the creativity has been replaced by severe brain trauma. Don't watch it, for your own sake.

Reviewed by singleyem 1 / 10

This is probably the worst movie I've ever watched

This movie is so bad that I honestly cannot believe it was released. It's also shocking how the budget could possibly have been 1 million dollars. The acting, the script, the directing, everything about this movie is absolute trash. A girl gets frost bite on her fingers so bad that they appear gangrene yet the actress just casually makes a joke like "who's going to date me now?" or something stupid like that. No surprise, no crying, just a simple joke and laugh. It's supposedly so cold she gets frost bite instantly out of nowhere but yet you can't see their breath in any of the filming. If it was that cold then you should not only be able to see the actors breath but their faces should be rosy and look cold as well. One girl dies from being covered in leaves. Yes, leaves. That's it. And whenever someone dies the other girls just act like nothing happened. Like "oh, Sarah's dead now? OK. La-de-da". The only thing that makes this not look like it was done entirely by high schoolers is the actual filming. It's not atrocious. That is, as long as you don't count the scene with the bear that looks like it was a shot from national geographics and pasted in.

I have seen probably millions of movies at this point. I'm a movie junkie. Horror movies being my favorite. This is the worst piece of trash I've ever seen. The only reason I watched the entire thing was because I stupidly ordered it On Demand without looking it up beforehand and felt obligated to get my money's worth. I had half a mind to call my cable company to demand my money back for such trash. As I said before everything except the camera work (which was still not great) seemed as if it was done by high schoolers, maybe even middle schoolers. And it's not even funny to make fun of. I mean, my boyfriend and I did make fun of it, but it was so pathetic that it wasn't funny.

And I just have to say: whoever did the positive reviews here must know the actors or be a part of the movie production or something. I don't believe any person could actually think this movie was good in any way. I normally would never say that because I know people have different tastes in movies but this shouldn't even exist as a movie.

Reviewed by mortiis33-969-390769 5 / 10

Average modern-day slasher.

This film is not as great as it wants to be, but is still a cool little survival/slasher with some pretty good kill scenes in it.

I'm not going to bore everyone with a long-winded review (like I am sometimes accustomed to doing), because the premise for the film is simple, the film itself is also very simple, and laid out for you from the beginning.

Most of the girls do a pretty good (and relatively convincing) job here, and if you've got an hour to spare, this film should make you smile if you're a fan of the genre.

Direction-wise, the film delivers what it is supposed to, and there are some nice cinematography shots of the beautiful surrounding wilderness to take in (sometimes these are REALLY nice, and I wish there were more longer shots to take it all in).

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