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Dean Cain as Rick Pierce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wes64 5 / 10

Bonkers concept wears out its welcome.

This film is basically Volcano set on an airplane - it's really stupid, physically incorrect, and excessively melodramatic.

The plot starts when a bunch of volcanoes show up and box in the airplane, meaning the passengers have to radio for help. Things go wrong. The military gets involved. There's all sorts of PG-13 deaths, crazy people, a United 93 reference, people getting cooked, and it's all not very interesting. I really love bad movies, but this movie isn't bad enough to be entertaining. It's just bad. Cheesy, yes, but I can't really laugh at it when it's being so serious and melodramatic.

Ultimately, I'd say watch it if you think you can tolerate it, especially if there's friends around, but otherwise stay away. It's not as funny Snakes on a Plane, it's not as silly as Sharknado, and it's nowhere near as fun as The Core. It's one of those movies that you watch and never really think about again.

Reviewed by Nick Ox 1 / 10

Ridiculous waste of time

Even for a b-movie this is just a terrible movie with a story that contains so much nonsense, it could be written by a 4-year old.

A 747 locked on autopilot, but a guy (who never flew a 747 before) that can control the plane better than any experienced pilot (using flying debris to rip off an engine), while flying through volcanic ashes and debris for hours, apparently without any problems for the plane. Volcanoes that can rise out of the sea in seconds without any effects (waves) to the sea. A guy fixing a 747 jet-engine in flight by using a hammer... And these are just a few facts. Add a few terrible actors and a even worse storyline and you'll get this result.

I've seen a lot of good movies (A and B) and a lot of bad movies (A and B) , but this is the first movie where i had to force myself to watch it till the end.

Conclusion: A waste of time.

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