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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rick 6 / 10

Indie fantasy film worth catching

**Slight spoilers but nothing too specific** After is a well-shot indie fantasy film that's worth catching. The first 2/3 of the film setup, at a rather deliberate pace, some decent suspense and mystery as to what exactly is happening to our heroes. The last third turns from thriller more to romance, which personally turned me off. The film had good potential as a thriller in my opinion until they took that fork in the road. Pros: Two leads are solid in their roles, which is very respectable considering the weight that is put onto them. Interesting start and some decent mystery/suspense. Special effects were interesting. Cons: Stalled out in terms of thrills, took the film in an unexpected and, to me, unwelcome direction.

Overall I think of After as a darker-in-nature "What Dreams May Come"-style fantasy but without the over reliance on special effects. The film is definitely worth seeking out for a viewing.

Reviewed by moorehart1 8 / 10

Effortless, Supernatural Fairytale

I feel like the ratings are giving this movie a bit of a beating, and unfairly so.

I appreciate that this is not a mind-blowing blockbuster, but - taken in context - it is just a beautiful dark-tale. Someone previously mentioned 'pace' issues, but I didn't actually find it a fault.

The two leads are strong and believable, even facing such a fantastical race to find a reason for what is happening. I think it is cleverly wrote to piece together the mystery.

A few other reviews have mentioned 'Silent Hill', but if you are anything like me and a big wimp when it comes to horror... please don't be put off as although a bit nail-biting at times, it is far from 'Horror'.

If you don't go in expecting it to change your life, then I would seriously recommend this film.

Reviewed by Nikolas Robinson 7 / 10

A Familiar Template Executed Well

I just watched the movie After on Netflix. I don't recall having heard anything about it previously, no reviews or anything of the sort. I was pleased with what I saw.

It's difficult to discuss the movie without giving anything away and there are other movies with similar premises, but this one was well-executed.

Two strangers from the same town meet one another on a bus, with a bit of abbreviated and failed flirtation, shortly before there is a severe accident. The next thing we know they are the only two people apparently alive and active in their town. There are no corpses and no signs of life beyond the two of them. Surrounding the town is a wall of black, swirling mist with lightning and thunder active within it...and the wall is closing in.

It doesn't take altogether too long before the two protagonists discuss the possibility that they might both be dead, so they aren't as stupid as the characters in a lot of movies along these lines. We get to know them both pretty well along the way, through surprisingly natural conversation and glimpses into the past, without a lot of unnecessary exposition.

I won't go into any further details, you'll need to watch it yourself if you want those, but the acting is good and the production quality is high enough that it doesn't feel like a low budget movie at all. It's always kind of nice to go into watching a movie without any idea what to expect and to be pleasantly surprised.

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