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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 5 / 10

Addicted to Fresno

I'm not sure whether Addicted to Fresno is a tribute to the fifth biggest city in the state of California, or a bitter revenge from one of its native daughters (screenwriter Karey Dornetto, who has worked for excellent TV series such as Community, South Park, Arrested Development and Portlandia), who seems to be perversely enjoying to laugh at the suffocating weather, absence of culture and supposed apathy from the inhabitants of that region. What I can assure is that Addicted for Fresno is definitely not a good film, despite having various brilliant actresses in its cast; it's truly a sin to gather Judy Greer, Aubrey Plaza, Natasha Lyonne, Jessica St. Clair and Molly Shannon in one film, and not offering them enough material to exploit their talent. The main reason I was interested in watching Addicted to Fresno was Greer's presence in the leading role. This magnificent actress has suffered uncountable "best friend" roles during her long filmography, and she had been deserving a project for herself for many years (even though it can be said that she shares the leading role with Lyonne in this movie). Pity that it wasn't in a good film... I hope the future will allow her to star in films with better screenplays and less irritating characters. In conclusion, Addicted to Fresno is an irritating and unfunny "comedy" (the affair with the corpse doesn't even reach the level of Weekend at Bernie's), and I felt it like a waste of time. Director Jamie Babbit previously made a few films I liked very much (But I'm a Cheerleader, Itty Bitty Titty Committee), and I hope her to recover from this misstep in her next project.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 6 / 10

It should have been hilarious

Addicted to Fresno is funny, cute, and makes for an entertaining movie. But something just doesn't come together and I do not know what it is. The setup is perfect, the characters are just cracked enough to be harmless and fun, and the plot keeps your interest. When it is over it just doesn't feel as if it were a fully baked movie.

With a great cast of comic actors, each doing their role just fine, you'd think this movie would be a comic hit but it falls flat in the end. And I don't know why! Maybe it's the contrast of the title and the story that don't make sense. Addicted? Maybe not. Just "Fresno" would have been better choice.

It is still worth seeing! The group therapy scenes are funny and the pet funeral home scenes are the best!

Reviewed by Paul Roth 1 / 10

Promising start & cast bottoms out with awful trope early on.

Natasha Lyonne, Judi Greer, and Aubrey Plaza all play their parts terrifically, but the promising character driven film hits an awful trope early on. Bad enough that some tasteless humor is introduced in the form of ableist jokes and making light of sex offenders, the tastelessness becomes too much to bear when an innocent (albeit disgusting) man is accused of rape by a woman who's just ashamed of pursuing sex with him. I realize this is a fiction, but the perpetuation of these kinds of fictions just make living in our rape culture all that much harder. Jessica St. Clair of Playing House and one of the nerdy scientists from Better Off Ted were promising, but didn't offset that horrible plot point.

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