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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by retrofiles 10 / 10

I'm a fan of the show, big fan of the movie!

I have loved Ab Fab from day one, back in 1992 and have a boxset I sometimes still dig out and watch when I have time. Last night I chose to watch the movie over watching Wales win their way to their first semi final ever in the Euros. That's how much I love the series and had been looking forward to the film hitting the cinema!

I love the characters Eddy and Patsy - always thought Jennifer Saunders is hilarious, even when she was still doing French and Saunders. Joanna Lumley looks fantastic though and what a great actress with perfect comedy timing at 70! - and this movie delivers its familiar in your face parody of the fashion scene and PR business, showing how pretentious they are with sharp satire. It returned to everything that was witty in the first few series, with outrageous behaviour from the lead characters.

I may be biased because I am such a huge fan, so if you love the series like I do, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Andrew Reaney (RubyMowzRulez) 5 / 10

Disappointing; Only for die hard fans of the original series

As a huge fan of Ab Fab I was looking forward to this a lot. What's more, I wasn't worried about the quality of the writing, as the special Olympic episodes merely a few years ago stood up to the original shows quality. I wouldn't say my expectations were particularly high nonetheless, I didn't expect anything groundbreaking, merely something in the range of The Last Stand or Gay. Alas, the film doesn't quite live up to any of that.

Overall, it ends up just being a homage to the original series. The majority of the screen time is stuffed with "LOOK! CELEBRITY CAMEO! YEAH WE GOT THEM!" or "HEY REMEMBER THAT ONE JOKE FROM THAT ONE EPISODE? HERES A REFERENCE TO THAT!" I came out of the theatre disappointed and just craving to go home and re-watch the original show.

Honestly, I think a huge part of it's weakness is it totally drops the strengths of the original series. Some of the original series funniest moments were it's overly dramatic monologues, laden with smart insults and often traded between Patsy/Saffy or Edina/Saffy. There isn't really any of that here.

If you are a huge fan like myself, I'd still recommend seeing it. I think, like me, you may end up disappointed, unless you are such a die hard fan you are blinded by the weaker writing quality, but it's still worth a watch to judge for yourself, and the film still has a couple moments worth seeing. It's not very long either, or at least doesn't feel too long, so at least you won't feel like you've wasted your time.

Either way, it's obvious this film is largely the result of a bet between Saunders and Dawn French. It lacks the soul of the original series, and while it isn't awful, it's just not good either.

Reviewed by Dagnessa 9 / 10

It's the best, darling!

I have been waiting for this movie for a long time and it did not disappoint! I am a huge fan of the TV series. I am addicted to it. So I missed them. I missed Patsy, Edina and the gang. Going to the cinema was like visiting old friends. All of them are there, everybody. Big names, you know; and again they make you laugh like if nothing has changed.

Lights! Models! Guest list! It was the best, darling!

The only issue was that I was only allowed 2 bottles of wine in the cinema!! Do they know who we were going to see?!


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