A Home of Our Own


Biography / Drama

A Home of Our Own (1993) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 2171  


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Edward Furlong as Shayne Lacey
Kathy Bates as Frances Lacey
T.J. Lowther as Craig Lacey
Soon-Tek Oh as Mr. Munimura
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aswed 10 / 10


Kathy Bates(Frances Lacey)also "Misery'90), performed outstanding acting skills as a wonderful mother who just plain loved her children more than herself and was able to warm the hearts of many people she encountered, especially, Soo-Tek-Oho who owned a broken down shack and a few acres of land, which turned out to be a great Mansion for her children Edward Furlong(Shayne Lacey),"Three Blind Mice " Clarissa Lassig(Lynn Lacey) and a few more children. This film will warm your heart and soul and will definitely make you shed a tear or two. We need more picture of this caliber, which is a true story and down to earth and REAL!!

Reviewed by acearms 8 / 10

Good plot and believable story line.

Kathy Bates and Edward Furlong were great. The story flowed and at times was a tear jerker. One couldn't help but root for the family and their drive to have a home called their own. One mother's desire to hold her family together at all costs. Not an Oscar winner, but a real down to earth humanistic story all can relate to. A MUST SEE.

Reviewed by spiderdancer1 10 / 10

One of the Best Films I've Seen in a Very Long Time

As usual, Kathy Bates is outstanding in her performance.

There aren't many movies that get to me emotionally, but this one sure did. I found myself identifying with more than one character: As a single mother, it wasn't hard at all to relate to Frances' struggles. As a former willful but loving teenager, I sympathized a lot with Shane, too.

I felt myself sharing the family's joys, struggles and disappointments, and learned a few things along the way. Sometimes it's true that pride goeth before a fall.

A very believable plot and great acting throughout, this is a must-see movie.

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