3-Headed Shark Attack


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

3-Headed Shark Attack (2015) download yts

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Danny Trejo as Max Burns
Jena Sims as Dr. Laura Thomas
Jazy Berlin as Polly
Karrueche Tran as Maggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hotkewi 1 / 10

Really bad

I am a fan of B-movies and appreciate the humor in them. They are aware of the audiences expectations and delivers.

But this movie really tries to be a real movie. My expectations were very low and only wanted a bit of brainless entertainment. But the brain could not relax with all these unnecessary flaws. Going full speed and barely make any waves. Badly broken things are suddenly whole again. Using the same cut scene over and over and ... again. At least some laws of physics?

I seldom regret watching a movie but this one can with good continence be skipped. It only makes you feel bad that you gave it a chance.

All though Danny Trejo saves it a little it's way below par for B-movies.

Let it slip by you unwatched.

Reviewed by jmstanton 1 / 10

SyFy seems to not even care any more

This is a horrible movie. The animations are terrible and the plot is pathetic. It's obvious they rushed the editing to get this movie out for shark week, but come on SyFy, we can see other boats in the background and they are clearly in a channel with land all around them when they are trying to find a place to get to with the boat. The boat that was sinking one minute, with bodies all over it, was perfectly fine minutes later. One mistake after another. Perhaps you could also try and find actors who can really act next time. The level of acting here is grade level. I get the "B" grade quality of your movies and we normally enjoy that but even we were hard pressed to make it through this stinker. Terrible, terrible movie.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 3 / 10

More heads.

Another genetically mutated shark goes after more imbeciles. So much for the plot.

About on par with its predecessor; the acting is just as putrid as the previous film (2 Headed Shark Attack) and there are just as many continuity problems (which is to say, many) and just as much logic (which is to say, none) , but no one watches a movie with a title like this for anything other than to laugh at its ineptitude. It is unfortunate however, that the film has only a handful of unintentional laughs, the remainder either stupid, or just boring. The shark's size is at least consistent now. This time, it's the size of a bus, yet it can leap twenty feet into the air, and manoeuvre tight corridors with ease. It can also survive out of water for extended periods of time.

My favourite scene is when that guy, ... Joey, Jojo, jnr.,... or whatever the bloody hell his name is, jumps off the boat into the water, swinging an ax at the shark, in super slow motion.

And the trailer itself should include a spoiler warning, as it shows Danny Trejo's death scene!

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