2012 Doomsday


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Cliff DeYoung as Lloyd
Dale Midkiff as Dr. Frank Richards
Ami Dolenz as Susan
Danae Nason as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by megerild 1 / 10

It cant get any worse then this

I hope the makers of this movie are happy, they made me waste 1,5 hours of my life a left me puzzled with greatest question of all time: will there ever be a movie thats worse then this? I have to say I started watching this movie with skeptic thoughts in my mind, but not even in my worst nightmares would I have seen what was before me. The dialog is a waste of breath, they could have had "Band X" play random songs for 1,5 hours on top of the movie instead of the dialog and it would have made exactly the same amount of sense. The special effects are like from the 80-s, and even then they would have been below average, the acting is below zero. This movie was actually so bad it forced me to register to IMDb so I could rant about it so at least it achieved something good. The only time I could recommend spending time with this movie is ... well lets face it: never.

Reviewed by sqgasderf 1 / 10

Movie in dire need of a redeeming scene

Should have been alerted by the "Christian Epic" reference, thought it was an apocalyptic movie in the line of the 7th Sign. It indeed deals with the end of the world and the usual heroes that somehow convince God through some ordeal that He should let us apes live a little longer. But where movies like the 7th Seal grip you by script and acting, this one will bore you to tears. Acting is awful, the dialogs are out of bad evangelical early morning TV, plot and subplot lines make no sense at all. You'll need a lobotomy to watch this one with anything other than utter boredom and a sense that Armageddon must indeed be near for something like this to be thought of, let alone be produced.

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