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Lochlyn Munro as Darrow
Ty Olsson as Harris
Roger R. Cross as Burke
Daniel Cudmore as Gideon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck 5 / 10

A pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose.

"He's dirty and I got the evidence." After returning to the force after a gunshot wound, officer Shaw (Ambrose) thinks he's in for a easy day back. When he discovers his former partner is involved in illegal activity he wants to do something about it. After the building is locked down It is up to him to stop them and keep the evidence safe. There really isn't too much to say about this one. The first two movies in this series were actually not too bad. A cop forced to go through a series of tests in order to save the ones he loves. The only thing this had in common with the others is the title and a wrestler is the main star. This is pretty much a generic action movie that did everything it could to be Assault on Precinct 16 but fell way short. Overall, a pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose. This one strayed too far from what made the others interesting to watch. I give this a C.

Reviewed by zecurox 2 / 10

Good Action, bad scenario

There are so many sins in this movie. I will not comment on the action scene because it's good enough. Not the best, but pretty good. The main problem is the scenario/script of the movie is sucks so much.

1) why the main character not send the proof to the internet at the first place? This is 2015, everybody has internet. At least copy it to your desktop so you have a backup.

2) if I were him, I'm at least show the evidence to my friends or at least I'm gonna scream and gathered everyone on my computer to see the evidence together.

3) when the main character manage to get to the roof and get his gun to the main villain, why he not at least shoot his leg or arms??? its stupid!

4) why the main character must use only one gun??? he killed the villain and their guns is falling everywhere... WHY HE DIDN'T TAKE THEIR GUNS??? I'm really confuse...

5) why the main villain hesitate so much to killing him??? he destroyed the flash drive so why he need him alive??? and when he chasing him, he shoot and tell everybody to kill him. But when he got the chance to kill him, he didn't! why??

6) at the end, the main character recorded the voice of the main villain to make a proof. BUT THAT IS NOT A PROOF! He didn't even mention about "drugs" or anything. He just said about "THIS IS MY SHOW" and some stupid words.

I can give more question. but I think you get my point. This movie is sucks. I'm not talking about the actor or the action. I'm talking about the script.

Reviewed by Frank DuFontaine 3 / 10

Action B-movie

I am not sure if this movie ever was in theaters, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be straight to DVD, or perhaps cable TV. I wouldn't say there was a complete lack of effort in making this movie, but for the most part it's predictable and not very good. But the movie does try to take itself seriously, and it's almost laughable at times. For instance, I think the actors probably had trouble keeping a straight face when saying some of their lines - the typical action movie tough guy lines from all those bad 80's movies. I did still manage to finish watching the movie; it wasn't awful and if you just want some mindless action, it's doable. I think where it falls short especially though is in terms of the plot. It appeared to me the plot was mostly just there for convenience to string together the action sequences that make up the core of the movie - not a lot of plot development or much change in setting. Some of the action was pretty satisfying, but it mostly looked staged and unrealistic, like sprays of bullets that constantly miss their target. I noticed when watching this, several of the make actors looked like they had raging hangovers, I imagine they were getting hammered in the evenings and not taking their work too seriously. I think the ratings for this movie will drop over time.

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