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Christopher Lloyd as Harry Setag
Joel Gretsch as Neil Martin
Ben Cotton as Marty
Aaron Douglas as Agent Woodward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sarbaso 1 / 10

Don't watch it

If you prefer to watch a popcorn movie where you can plug off your brain than just give it a try.

After i watched it i ask my self why i spend the time of my life for this movie ?

I like Science Fiction Movies and the topic Niburu in General.

The Movie is very scripted and the Watcher will not be surprised very well.

Only the Actor Joel Gretsch plays his role very well.

I liked Aaron Douglas in his Role in Battlestar Galactica, but in this movie its the worst acting that i have see from him.

Spend your time on a other movie.

Reviewed by clarkmick33 3 / 10

Should be called: DISASTER! - Signs of the coming poo storm

Watched this movie while on my exercise bike and I am not sure what was more painful - my burning thighs or my burning eyes. Signs of why it should be called DISASTER! - Signs of the coming poo storm

1. The whole movie looks like it was shot in rural Canada - you want me to believe you are in Peru try not have Canadian Pine trees in the scene behind you.

2. The graphics were rendered by Community College students.

3.The actors and actresses all play typical one dimensional characters. Teenage soon - aggressive hates his Dad, Dad loves his son but can't communicate to him.

4. Roping in Christopher Lioyd to play none other than a scientist - and a drunk one at that! I reckon he was really drunk for the roll once he realized what a crap movie he was on. Oh the things we do to pay the bills dear Christoper.

5. Plot holes filled with poo

6. The so called Dept of Defense unit act as though they are managing an order at McDonalds.

7. Car out runs a tsunami!!!!!

8 The Dept of Defense leader goes in ALONE!? in the final showdown and tells the heli piolt to f off like he is some badass then he proceeds to fight like a school kid. While the main lead scientist who is suppose to be a big nerd seems to fight like he was a pro wrestler when the time comes for it.

9. Most "events" involve using giant fans to blow lots of dirt around - waiting for when poo would hit the fan. Tornado can suck up a woman but cant lift a truck or anything around them..

10. Syfy channel funding.

I can see the ambition but its better to pool some more money to make a better movie (please spend more money on FX) than produce little poo storms :-)

There is a scene where they threw in a saying from Back to the Future "Great Scott" Dr Emmitt Brown says this on the classic "Back to the Future"I think the actors all knew this was one big joke of a movie and where to busy trying to impress Christopher Lloyd than worry about the poo storm of a movie they were on.

Reviewed by panther_husky 2 / 10

Not worth the time

I give credit to the director for trying but don't expect much. The storyline is like any other disaster movie, only difference is how the disasters come about. The special effects are terrible and you can see clearly they are computerized and transfered - hardly believable. Some of the characters got under your skin, and Christopher LLoyd - maybe it 's his age but a disappointment from his days in Back To The Future. The actors did do a nice job carrying the movie but the special effects just didn't seem to help it - in fact it made you cringe at the way some of the effects appeared. A made for TV film for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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