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Danica McKellar as Susan Malcolm
Brooke Burns as Amy Boone
Kristoffer Polaha as Calvin Campbell
Kerr Smith as Mitch Minniear
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by noah1066 10 / 10

Great movie!

Produce is a heartwarming movie about an unlikely friendship. It walks a fine line, because it would be easy for the film to go overboard, but it strikes just the right balance. There are religious themes, but it's never preachy, it's heartwarming, but not too cheesy, and the central friendship never feels forced. There were so many times that I was expecting the movie to go over the line, but in every instance, it pulled back a little and struck just the right balance. It's a well-written story, the acting is always believable, and it all works together so well. It's a movie that feels so real, because when you watch it there are times when you're uncomfortable, times you're scared, times you want to cry, times of great joy, and you really feel for the characters, and you want to see where the story goes.

Reviewed by shafferapril1 9 / 10

See this film.

This epitomizes what I think Heartland Film Festival is about. Challenging us to see and act differently. To open our hearts to the possibilities of change from deep community. To see our incredible need for connection and meaning. Calvin needed Produce as much as Produce needed Calvin. They filled a hole for each other. They were iron sharpening iron, each challenging the other to make them stronger.

It would have been easy to fall into cheesy campy film making with this plot...washed up sports hero meets downs syndrome boy at grocery store. But somehow it felt, as a viewer, that you were actually a fly on the wall watching a friendship form in an authentic, organic fashion. The timing of their meeting felt pre-ordained, like something bigger or higher was putting them together at the right time. I loved the religious undertones. Real without shoving it in your face. But faith portrayed as something that provides hope and encouragement, is real and worth having.

As a viewer, I wanted Calvin to find meaning for his life and daughter. And I wanted Produce to have a family and attain work success despite his simplicity. But as the tale was told, it wasn't tied up with a pretty grosgrain ribbon. It allowed pain and suffering and self hatred and pity to resonate in a way that was identifiable. The viewer knows people like Calvin and his daughter. People you can't help but love and pull for, even when you are ticked at their selfish pity party, and bratty teenage ways. We could all use more Produce in our lives.

Reviewed by Rick Hunter 10 / 10

Excellent from start to finish!

My wife and I were treated to a special screening of this film in the middle of April. We just absolutely loved the whole movie! It was sweet, enlightening, encouraging, and just great fun. It was also a great vehicle to show just what a special needs person (in the character of Produce, played magnificently by David DeSanctis) has to offer others, and how their take on life can often be untainted by the cares of this world.

Chris Dowling and McKaley Miller were in attendance, taking questions after the movie. Both of them were so very sweet and gracious as they also gave little 'behind-the-scenes' stories, especially with working with David.

I highly encourage everyone to go and see this movie. Bring your friends. Bring tissue.

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