What We Do in the Shadows


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Jemaine Clement as Vladislav
Taika Waititi as Viago
Jemaine Clement as Vladislav
Taika Waititi as Viago
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Reviewed by jabberwockynz 10 / 10


When you very nearly spray a mouthful of drink over the person in front of you, its generally a good indicator the movie is pretty funny. The sandwich joke had me in stitches! This movie doesn't rely on just a few jokes to carry it, they maintain a subtle layer of humour throughout and then have you in stitches with some brilliant jokes. The cast in this movie are well picked, and Stu was brilliantly played by...well Stu. Taiki Waititi & Jemaine Clement really get the whole dilemma of everyday life as a vampire! Hopefully this gets picked up and the masses get a chance to enjoy this wee gem. Loved this movie and would definitely recommend it. Gave this a 10. A must see!!

Reviewed by lachlan-71-358174 9 / 10

A great film

Lot's of people are disregarding this movie due to "Lack of plot" or "Poor cinematography".

This isn't supposed to be that sort of movie, it's a mockumentary, done in the style of a documentary.

They have nailed that look perfectly, and the plot doesn't matter in a comedy.

The comedy is great, the deadpan nature of it is hilarious, the jokes are brilliant.

Go in with the open mind that it's not your classic style of comedy.

I think it's a great movie.

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