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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tristan 2 / 10

Come on! honestly?

Pathetic! documentary about protesters and celebrities padding

themselves on the shoulder thinking they did change the world. No, you

didn't you bunch of sausages!

I liked the hype that documentary had at his release,and the applaud after the screening during that Saturday evening,how much balls do you need to have after 14 years of the the events and telling to everyone what we already know.It is really dull,only a liberal will think it is beautiful,great and intelligent,though provoking and specially ...Very dull!

Let's be honest,it is bad,i am wandering with all those celebrities,who paid the most to get there share of stardom in this one.Most of celebrities and actors are stupid(Most i said).Why on earth putting some meaningless singer,actors and silly protesters who agree with American foreign policy now,but didn't at the time,supposedly,have anything to say interesting about what already happened 14 years ago as that war everybody knows,based on a lie and a mistake!

Sincerely yours,


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