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Bradley Cooper as Henry Girard
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Jonah Hill as Efraim Diveroli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 9 / 10

Eye opening - very interesting and funny look at arms dealing

The story is eye opening, relevant and very clearly told with a humorous tone through the serious subject matter. This is based on a true story with some fictionalized elements to make it entertaining. A massage therapist links up with a childhood friend who is a small time arms dealer. Very interesting to get a look at the legal but morally questionable world of arms dealing. I thought this would be a juvenile buddy movie with a bit of war thrown in but it isn't.

Jonah Hill has some funny lines and he does a great job with the over the top character but he can be subtly sinister when he needs to be. Miles Teller plays his character sympathetically and I liked him here. Quite different from the rather annoying characters he usually plays. Bradley Cooper who produced the movie and has a small but pivotal role and he is effective as an arms dealer.

Quite a transporting experience as the action takes you from Miami to Jordan and Iraq with some funny situations there and Albania.

Watch this movie. It deserves to do better than it has so far.

Reviewed by monismilan06 9 / 10

Wolf of wall street meets Lord Of war

If you like wolf of wall street, I believe you are gonna like this movie too, even though it not have all the funny moments. The plot is similar a nice guy (Teller) find a way to make money doing stuff located on the line of legal and illegal. The music was well chosen for every scene, acting (specially from Hill and Cooper) was outstanding. On the contrary if you though that Wolf.. didn't show enough all the people who suffer from their actions, and that the movie glorifies bad actions and the eternal search for money, you will not like this movie. It all depends in the end of your personal standards of what can be made fun of, and what subjects are too controversial (in this case, war, guns and arms dealers) to have a good time with.

Reviewed by Ari Mengel 10 / 10

I'd say it's perfect save for minor nuances

It's a very good screen adaptation based on true events story.

The only downside of this movie is that it has unnecessary family drama. That dramatic wife nagging BS is really annoying. The good thing there is not a lot of it. Thank you, Jesus.

But the movie itself it's so good, that when the dramatic fill-ins stop, the movie brings itself up and keeps with the pace.

The dialogues are written perfectly, with just enough irony and humor not to sound cheesy.

There is not a lot of action but each action scene is really well made. I'd say a perfect combination for such story.

One of the best components of the movie is the perfect sets for scenes. Loved the scenes in the Middle East and Albania. Albania looks foggy, shady. Really nice. Doesn't look faked or overdone.

I'd say every scene was nearly perfect, except the family drama scenes.

But I still give this 10\10 for gold effort.

When the movie ends. You seriously want it to continue. In fact it calls for part two. May be it could be done.

This movie is a real surprise. Didn't expect this to be that good.

The whole structure of the scene sequence is perfect. Nothing is too short or too long. Not a second wasted on BS(except the family drama).

I have to mention that the foreign characters don't look fake or lame. Even English speaking Albanians look quite genuine and it is believable that they actually could speak some English to get by. It's really important because usually the fake foreign characters ruin the hell out of the movie. Not here. Everything was made really well. Filmed well. Sounded well.

Sound track is in place. Music is highlighting the scenes not dominating. Everything in the right place.

I'd say it's one of the best movies this year even though it might not look larger then life.

The story is told in a believable way. Characters are well acted.

Respect to main lead actors. Very good choice for actors.

This movie reminded me of classic 80s movies of the same type. It has a touch of Spies Like Us(with Chevy Chase) or even Stripes(with Bill Murray). Obviously nice shout outs to Scarface.

Overall this movie should be put on one shelf with other good movies that you may watch once in a while.

Respect to the director. 10 out 10.

Watch it. I recommend.

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