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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kpentlanduk 7 / 10

Intriguing and satisfying! Perfectly paced.

After watching a few disappointing horror films the past couple of weeks this came as a pleasant surprise. The horror element is there but really this is more of a psychological thriller. Special mention goes to the orchestral music score which works well to set the mood throughout.

Quite a short movie at around 75 minutes yet probably to the films advantage. Red herrings are thrown in here and there, the plot twists and turns and keeps you guessing. Some of you may figure out what is going on but the reveal is not entirely obvious.

I was never bored, not once. Is the house haunted? Is she going mad? Are the neighbours stalking her? Could the husband be up to something? As the intrigue builds you feel very included searching for the answer. The ending satisfied. No gore required. No silly ridiculous twists that make no sense, just a satisfying conclusion to a very enjoyable film.

As a cinematic release this may not do very well. As a film to watch cuddled up on the sofa at home it is a first class thriller that dare I say Hitchcock would approved of.

Reviewed by willmeyers93 7 / 10

Another effective, well-structured offering from Blumhouse!

"Visions" marks my second Blumhouse movie in less than a week (the first being "Curve"). Hey, we all set records right? Now then, to the subject at hand... If most entries in the haunted house genre represent family members at a reunion, "Visions" would be the eccentric relative. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I was surprised to discover that the story avoided such damaging pitfalls as cliché overload, crappy acting, etc. I went into this expecting a ghost tale, and I got it, but it wasn't what I assumed it to be. Which, in this case, was quite welcome, after being routinely bored with what the genre usually offers. The pacing is decent, with some understandably slower moments to elevate tension. The general vibe I get from the reviews here, regarding the "jump scares", is that they're mediocre at best. All I know is, my heart skipped a few beats and I was momentarily frightened in a number of places. But, that may not be the case for everyone! The cast was fun to watch, including Jim Parsons in a dramatic deviation from his well- known mega-nerd on the Big Bang Theory. Isla Fisher, after taking the back seat in Now You See Me and The Great Gatsby proves here that she can be a leading lady. Not a strong one (I felt that some of her delivery was on the weaker side), but definitely a character you empathize with. Then there's Anson Mount of "Hell on Wheels" fame providing some gruff macho support in the form of Fisher's husband. You've also got Gillian Jacobs and Eva Longoria to fill out the cast, so overall the casting director performed their job well. In terms of movie twists, the one to conclude "Visions" doesn't rank anywhere near "Usual Suspects" or "Primal Fear", but it still made my jaw drop. Dare I say, it even gave me a brief chill. What's important to note is that it is also a plausible twist, and everything we see up to that point makes perfect sense by the time the credits roll. In all honesty, this would probably fizzle out at the box office and receive a collective "meh" from critics, but as Netflix fodder, it's definitely a gem.

Reviewed by Diego Escobar 7 / 10

Can't understand the bad reviews...This is a Solid Movie

I'm really wondering what kind of people make the reviews at IMDb? Movie scholars? The Gods of Movie Reviews? Can't anyone enjoy a movie anymore?...Visions is not an Oscar contender for sure, but it is a solid entertaining movie. My girlfriend and I enjoy it from start to end, I was not looking for some deep existential film that makes me change the way I see the world, I was just looking a movie to have a good time, and I got it.

Visions has a well-developed story, decent visual effects, good acting (Isla Fisher won't be nominated to the Oscars), and some pretty good scary scenes that makes you jump out of your seat...everything you need from a low budget horror flick. Give this movie a chance you won't be disappointed.

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