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Jack O'Connell as Louis Zamperini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DarkKnight1954 3 / 10

Not that Good

I have to believe if in the hands in a more experienced director this film would have been much better than what is presented on the screen. The storytelling is mediocre and lacks the intensity that it should be considering what happen to this airman. I am disappointed that the script was so weak considering who had their hands in rewriting it. It totally lacks the normal Coen style, perhaps it was there and Jolie just could not figure out how to put it on screen. Now don't get me wrong, she manages to get the gore and suffering all right, but that is all we every really get. It would have been nice to see how that effects him in his later life and because we only see this small slice of his extraordinary life we are left wondering what the nightmares he survived as a POW changed him later and how he survived the nightmares he endured later on suffering from PTSD.

Reviewed by Sarah Hallmark 1 / 10

What a waste of a good story.

I cannot begin to list all the things wrong with this movie. Granted the acting was very good, however, it was the longest 2 hours of my life. I kept waiting for something 'good' to happen and it never did. I believe this could have been a wonderful American story, but was nothing short of a huge let down. Really disappointed in how much this movie was hyped up. Painfully slow, and felt like two hours of literal purgatory. I am sure that his true story was much better and could have emphasized what his family was going through at the same time. Or possible they could have shown what the news had reported about him, and what the airforce was doing to look for him. Wish I could erase this one from my memory. The worst part is I feel this man was done a real disservice to his memory and honor.

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