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Reviewed by SpiritMechanic 5 / 10

Tries too hard

I think to make a movie about a non fictional character without any information or facts of the actual story, is a mistake. Especially this kind of story. There were things done in the beginning of this movie that were just plain wrong, and clearly wrong according to the biblical writings. He didn't do ANY miracles until the age of 30 the bible clearly states and i'll leave it at that. I wish people would stop trying to make Jesus someone other than He really was. This movie felt like it stole a little from 'Risen' which was a very good movie, surprisingly. Too much free license with this movie left me cringing many times at the things that were shown. The Devil, the ignorance of Jesus, Mary being worry full and Joseph being the strong minded one, quoting from the King James version of the bible which wasn't even made yet... Little stuff like that bugs me. If this wasn't a movie about Jesus, i could see it being a decent movie. But, it was. And it falls flat for me because they tried too hard to make it fit into what we would want it to look like if we could really see Him at such a young age. "Risen" had a great concept because it could have actually happened, but the way this move was written, it could not have happened the way it was portrayed. it is what it is i guess.

Reviewed by suegrise 3 / 10

Jesus has no clue he's the Son of God.

Be informed! The Young Messiah's high production quality probably makes its content more disturbing, because many people will see it and form a concept of Jesus from it. Like The Da Vinci Code, the film—based on a novel by Anne Rice (Interview With the Vampire)—is loosely based on Gnostic texts widely deemed heretical. (In those texts, the boy Jesus strikes a playmate dead and then resurrects him, makes clay birds alive, etc.) The story's main premise is that young Jesus has no clue he's the Son of God. As in the Harry Potter saga, the young hero gradually discovers his supernatural powers and struggles to control them and to discover his destiny. Yet it's being billed as a "Christian-themed" Easter film and even being supported by some big ministry groups. Mary and Joseph try to protect Jesus from the backlash from his accidental miracles. In a totally fictional suspense subplot, Herod discovers Jesus' name, age, home, and family and sends a Roman soldier to track and kill him. Don't be bamboozled—read the Bible for yourself.

Reviewed by veemail23 8 / 10

Thoughtfully compelling

Despite some literary license taken with the Bible, the movie still offers great food for thought for considering what Jesus's developmental days might have been like...for Jesus and for all concerned in his presence.

The acting is superb (far better than "Risen") with a beautiful Biblical backdrop. The director focuses often on facial close-ups and the actors respond with looks that offer more than words might describe.

Sara Lazaro is perfect as Mary. Sean Bean outstanding as Severus. Adam Greaves-Neal carefully crafts a compelling young Jesus.

Bible readers know Jesus' first recorded miracle didn't happen till much later and the Wise Men didn't appear right at Jesus' birth, but putting that aside (and the slip-on sandals...I don't think those were that popular then) the movie explores some complexities that might not always be considered when thinking of a young Jesus and overall succeeds in doing it in an uplifting, yet not hokey manner.

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