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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Rueffer (chile_man) 2 / 10

I want the 90 minutes of my life back...

I have vociferously devoured horror films for over 30 years of my life. Simply put, this is one of the few movies that made me want my time back. Find another title (heck, go back and re-watch an old favourite) rather than waste your time. Not sure why this gets the praise it has received. Very slow and obvious plot. Some terrible acting (save for perhaps the lead character daughter who in spite of her performance cannot save this film). Ridiculous dialog. Saving graces were the soundtrack and atmosphere (wherein a creepy film should have been quite was to bring forward). I was compelled to write this to balance all of the praise I see here which needs to be offset by an honest eye for actual entertainment value. I know some will disagree, but I tell you in advance that you will get to bed early with this one on late at night...

Reviewed by Bogdan Neacsa 7 / 10

As good as psychological horror gets

To start, just so you know who's actually writing the review. Young fellow here, didn't watch any 'classics' horror movies but I do enjoy horror movies in general as long as they are not just gore type of movies. I'd say my favorite horror movies are The Ring and The Conjuring.

So, past that to The Witch.

I'd start by saying the movie was not what the trailer lead me to believe. This is not as much about scary moments or jump scare and more about a family coping with a lost child, and the movie trying to build suspense and just make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Because of this, I can see why some people will see it as really really slow with not much happening.

Some PLUSES for me: - Anya Taylor-Joy (the older daughter) is amazing in this movie and I also think Ralph Ineson (the father) did a good job. - the score is really really good, there are periods of intense silence and periods of creepy music at just the right times to build tension - the cinematography with nice wide shots combined with the score works really well in most moments

For the MINUSES: - I felt like the other child's acting was pretty bad and over the top and just took me out of the movie in most scenes where they are the focus (thankfully there were not THAT many) - a bit too slow of a pacing during the first half even for my taste

So, just like I said in the title, KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO. If you go and expect your typical horror movie with jump scares and a hidden 'baddie' slowly revealing itself along the movie in scary scenes, THIS IS NOT IT. This is mostly a family drama that tries to build suspense and make the viewer feel uneasy.

On a side note, I caught this on a premiere showing with a theatre half full and the occasional comments, coughs and even laughter from some 'individuals' took me out of some moments. If you do want to watch this in the cinemas, I would recommend waiting and going way past premieres and on a awkward day / time so you have the cinema close to empty. Or, if you have a sweet setup at home with a good sound system, I would just watch it at home.

Reviewed by cb2369 9 / 10

A Top Ten Horror Movie

The best part about The Witch, besides the acting, is the dichotomy between drama and what is actually a surprisingly fast paced and accessible horror movie (with few genre clichés.) The film could be looked at as two separate stories heavily intertwined: the supernatural horror of the woods vs the very real terror of violence erupting within the family, and amazingly this is all done seamlessly, missing no beats and never seeming to give up one for the other. In that way, The Witch has the elegance of a clever children's story (A New England Folk Tale to be precise) with the intensity of a melodrama. This would never have worked if the cast didn't kill every role, but luckily for us they did; they murdered those roles.

I don't think I've ever actually seen a movie during which people, in the middle of a crowd, screamed. The Witch did that. The Witch made people scream and gasp so loud the whole room heard and it did other things too: it told an engrossing, intelligent story. There are minor "complaints" I may have that keep it from being 10/10 (the shots don't carry the film as much as the writing,) but really this is a horror film that could easily make a top ten list. It's just good fun (and the ending is great... don't bash the ending... people are bashing the ending but I don't know why... it's really a perfect ending...)

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