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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 6 / 10

Watch Rob The Mob instead, same story but better told and filmed

Even though the actors in The Wannabe are better known then in another movie Rob the Mob this one isn't better then Rob the Mob. Both movies are based on the same true story so you would think the facts are about the same, but it wasn't really. I found that strange. Why would the facts not be the same if it's based on a true story? Anyways, I scored Rob the Mob a seven star rating, and because I think that movie was way better then The Wannabe I score this one only a 6 star rating. It's not that it's not worth a watch but if you have the choice then I would watch Rob the Mob instead. The Wannabe is much slower and not that interesting. Well that's what I think about it.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 5 / 10

Not so bad, it's the absolute core of a crime drama

It does not get more blue collar than The Wannabe, a no trills mob movie about a Mob geeks obsession with the John Gotti trails of the early 90s.

Vincent Piazza plays the mob geek, Thomas. his performance in the movie was pretty well done. His psychotic nature just kept escalating as the movie progressed which made him entertaining to focus on.

Also like the performance of Patricia Arquette, who played Thomas' equally touched girlfriend, Rose. I felt a certain dignity to her performance that made you feel sorry for Rose instead of sad.

Overall the movie was a very disturbing tale of Thomas and Rose, a weird version of Bonnie and Clyde, in a movie that feels like a low rate version of Taxi Driver.

A decent indi film to look at.

Reviewed by Tony Heck 8 / 10

A very good movie that really makes you relate to the lead character, something that is usually hard to do in a mafia movie

"Don't write the history books yet." Thomas (Piazza) has become obsessed with the trial of John Gotti and thinks it is his mission to find a way to get him off. When his plan falls through He tries to find another way to become a wise-guy. The only way he can think to do this is to begin robbing mafia hangouts. Together him and his wife Rose (Arquette) complete a string of hold-ups that finally gets him noticed. I am a huge fan of any type of mafia movie. There was a fantastic movie called Rob The Mob that came out a few years ago that dealt with this same story. Like that one this one is also very good and I really liked it. There were some differences between the two but the biggest one was that Thomas was played as someone who talks a big game, but is different when he is in action in this movie. To me that little change really added to the realism of this and added to the overall feel of the movie. The acting is really good in this, but Piazza's portrayal is really what makes the movie and I highly recommend this. Overall, a very good movie that really makes you relate to Thomas, something that is usually hard to do in a mafia movie. I give this a high B+.

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