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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filmaholic78 9 / 10

One of the few all-around great love movies, both for women and men!

I now believe that 2009 should be dubbed the year of the Romcom.

I was dragged to see the proposal by my girlfriend and thought it was hilarious. When she wanted to go and see The Ugly Truth I found myself putting up less of a fight this time. And I'm glad.

This film is HILARIOUS. I have to say I enjoyed almost every second from start to finish. It truly is designed for both men and women with fantastic views on romance, sex, attraction etc from both sides.

Acting is great, story is great and the chemistry between Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler works very well on screen.

To sum this film up I have to say watch it. Make your own mind up. But I bet you won't be disappointed and I bet you can't stop yourself from one agreeing with some of the points made and two laughing out loud.

Reviewed by Dan Walker 10 / 10

Perfect Movie for a Great Laugh!!!

What a fun movie! Don't pay attention to the critics - they need to just go and enjoy a movie sometimes. If you don't like crude, sexist humor, then don't go see this movie. However, if you can relax and just go watch a movie, then you will enjoy this one. The entire theater was rolling with laughter during this movie. I haven't laughed so much at a movie in a long time. This movie was a mix of romantic and slapstick humor with a little bit of crudeness thrown in for fun. This movie is definitely not one to take kids to - but that's why it is rated "R." It is full of adult humor (some crude), but that is nice for a change. All I can say is...go and enjoy this movie!!!

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