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Nicolas Cage as Jim Stone
Ethan Suplee as Russian Roulette Detective
Elijah Wood as David Waters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattapoisett 10 / 10

Loved the Movie

I don't know why people are complaining so much about the ending of this movie. It's really funny and then it gets really serious. Maybe that's a problem for some. I believe the story underneath is about people being corrupt in big and little ways, and whether there's a line you won't cross in your life. Everyone has their own reaction, but I think this movie delivers a lot more than the average crime film and it's all because of the way it ends. The relationship/connection with Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood is incredible. I thought it was an excellent script, great acting, and all the emotions of a great movie. I enjoyed the entire movie from beginning to end.

Reviewed by Matt Davis 8 / 10

Pretty good!

I too don't understand why some have such a problem with the ending. It wasn't a bad ending, just different that than the repetitive predictable stuff we're used to.

I thought it was a well acted, well written, and well edited movie. No, it doesn't end the way you "want" it to end. If it did I think that would take away from it.

For those that didn't understand the events that unfold quickly at the end, I don't think you watched the movie very well. It's all explained in small visuals and events throughout the last half of the movie.

One of Nicholas Cage's better movies IMO. I hope this movie gets bumped in ratings when it's fully released. I feel it deserves it.

Reviewed by arif_mujib 8 / 10

A very good movie

It has been a very long time since Nicolas Cage has done a good movie. This movie is a very good movie though it has a very twisted ending. If you ask why it is good? Then,

1. Good screenplay. Throughout the whole movie, I never felt boring. It had a decent pace with moderate ups and downs.

2. Good acting. Though it was not stellar, you'll have to appreciate their performance. You can feel Jims greed and Davids tormented thoughts.

3. Twisted ending. A bit unexpected ending but it completes the movie. I don't understand why people complains about it. But remember the movie's name is "The Trust" and the ending depicts it perfectly.

So, the conclusion is that it is a good movie. Entertaining from start to finish. Provides some thoughts afterward.

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