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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Not your Typical Western, but a very good one.

There are a lot of movies coming out that give reflection on the financial crisis that we are going through right now, but nothing does it as uniquely as the Timber. Quentin Tarantino, once said you can always tell the state of American society by the western that comes out in that period, and the Timber is true to this statement.

Two brothers are threaten by foreclosure of their land and the lost their livelihood if they can't track down their father. The Timber acts as a testament on what you need to do in order to survive during hard times.

With Josh Peck playing an unlikely western star. It was his performance most of all the brings it home as he struggles through the wild west completely out of his element, in order to find a way to provide for his wife and young son.

The music seem out of place as well yet fit into the atmosphere and set the tone of the Timber

I'm sure things like this were common in the wild west, but what a perfect time for The Timber to come out. It's the most out of the ordinary western I've seen and that's what makes a brilliant one.

Reviewed by Ryan Prince 5 / 10

The slowest film of the year so far.

-The Timber (2015) movie review: -The Timber is an indie flick that takes place in the North-west during the eighteen-hundreds. It follows two brothers who are sent to collect a dangerous bounty in exchange for keeping their family's home.

-This should have been, and could have been, really good. Unfortunately, it was not so.

-The story was unique, but the film had so much trouble focusing on the actual story instead of little side-stories all throughout.

-The pace was the worth thing about it, because it was excruciating. Nothing happens for most of the film. And when stuff actually happens, the editing is really bad, so yeah. It feels very unsatisfactory.

-The acting is fine. It stars James Ransone and Josh Peck, who I thought did a good job, but not a great job.

-The main characters are worth rooting for, but there is not much to anyone else in the film.

-I don't remember the music that much, but it was slow.

-There were some cool sequences in the film. Some good effects and a few gun fights I enjoyed.

-Even with a few cool moments and other elements that are not too bad, the pace of this movie just kills the entertainment factor. Unfortunately, The Timber is not really worth the time.

-It has some violence throughout, so probably R, but I do not remember much else in the film. I could be wrong, but I was not really paying attention too much. Because I was bored.

Reviewed by Billy Rubin 6 / 10

Entertaining western; great cinematography, but poorly edited

This movie was pretty interesting and well-shot in some very scenic, snow-covered mountain locations; however, some of the scenes were a little too vague and unclear as to what actually happened. Perhaps the director wanted to "challenge" the audience in an artistic manner...or maybe the producer told the director to cut the time of the film by about thirty minutes; whatever the reason, the end result was a lot of scenes that didn't really make sense. There was a scene in a cave where it looked like someone got killed...but I'm not really sure who or why. There were several scenes that stopped just before the action started, only to show the aftermath later on, leaving the viewer to piece together what had happened. Overall, I still liked the film; it had a talented cast and an interesting plot.

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