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Louis C.K. as Max (voice)
Eric Stonestreet as Duke (voice)
Kevin Hart as Snowball (voice)
Jenny Slate as Gidget (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by muslimbellydancer 10 / 10

Me and my son Muhammad loved it .

Inside of a Manhattan apartment building, a terrier named Max (Louis C.K.) lives a pampered life with his owner Katie (Ellie Kemper) and hangs out with other pets like Chloe (Lake Bell), Mel (Bobby Moynihan), Buddy (Hannibal Buress), and Sweet Pea (Tara Strong). One day, Katie adopts a large, sloppy, hairy dog called Duke (Eric Stonestreet) from the pound. Max gets jealous when Katie pays more attention to Duke. Annoyed with Max's condescending attitude, Duke tricks Max into traveling far into the city, where they are attacked by a gang of cats, including Ozone (Steve Coogan). The cats remove Max and Duke's collars, causing them to both be caught by Animal Control. Duke fears that he will now be put down if he ends up back at the pound. They are rescued by a white rabbit called Snowball (Kevin Hart), who Max and Duke convince that they are vicious, abandoned pets.

Snowball brings Max and Duke into the sewers where they meet his cult of abandoned or mistreated animals called "The Flushed Pets," who despise humans. Believing that Max and Duke hate humans, they invite them to join the group. They go through an initiation which involves being bitten by a one-fanged viper. Max and Duke kill the snake and Snowball finds out they're domesticated; the Flushed Pets chase them out and Max and Duke escape to the Brooklyn harbor. Snowball vows to kill them for lying, and sets off to find them.

When Gidget (Jenny Slate), a white Pomeranian who has a crush on Max, finds out that he is missing, she recruits a savage red-tailed hawk called Tiberius (Albert Brooks) to help look for him. After being interrogated by the pair, Ozone directs them to the sewer. Gidget, Mel, Buddy, Chloe, Norman (Chris Renaud), Sweet Pea, and Tiberius trek across the harsh metropolitan environment in search of Max and Duke, with help from a paralyzed elderly Basset Hound called Pops (Dana Carvey). The group encounters Snowball, who vows to kill them as well. They escape, but Norman is later captured.

Having worked together to escape from their misadventures with Animal Control and Snowball's Flushed Pets, Max and Duke begin to see a more positive side to each other's company. They raid a sausage factory, indulging in large amounts of sausage, and Duke opens up to Max about a previous owner of his named Fred, who lived in Brooklyn. Fred had adopted Duke as a puppy and raised him lovingly, but one day when he ran outside the house to chase after something, he became lost and was taken by Animal Control, and Fred seemingly never came for him. Although Duke isn't sure about whether or not Fred would want to see him again, Max convinces him that Fred would rejoice upon seeing him again and convinces Duke to set out in search of his former owner. They arrive at the right house, only to find out from a cat living there that Fred has died after Duke left. Morose and hurt, Duke accuses Max of trying to get rid of him and barks at the new owners of the house, who report him as a stray. Once again he is caught by Animal Control, while helping prevent Max from the same fate.

Max follows the truck, planning to rescue Duke, but he is pursued by Snowball and some of his Flushed Pets. When Snowball's henchmen are subsequently also taken by the Animal Control as a result of the pursuit, Max and Snowball join forces to rescue their respective cronies. They chase down the Animal Control truck using a city bus, crashing it on the Brooklyn Bridge and stopping traffic. More of Snowball's gang appear and, unaware of Max and Snowball's new alliance, they try to kill Max on the Brooklyn Bridge until Gidget and the others save him. The truck starts to slide off the bridge; Snowball's captured Flushed Pets escape, but the truck falls into the East River with Duke and Max inside. Max tries to unlock Duke's cage, but the keys float away. Snowball jumps off the bridge into the water and brings Max the spare keys. Max rescues Duke and they get back to the surface, as the truck sinks to the bottom.

Using a taxi, all of the pets go back to the apartment district. Max displays his admiration for Gidget, who returns his feelings. Snowball reluctantly allows himself to be adopted by a little girl and the other Flushed Pets return to the sewers. The other pets return to and embrace their owners when they return and Max and Duke finally reunite with Katie, sparking a new friendship.

In a mid-credit scene, Snowball invites Mel and Buddy (dressed as a Minion from Despicable Me and a Barbaloot from The Lorax, respectively) to a party hosted by a rock obsessed poodle named Leonard. However, it is immediately interrupted when Leonard's owner shows up. Although Leonard attempts to cover it up completely in presence of his owner, a chandelier crashes on the floor with one of the Flushed Pets, Tattoo, who had attended the party and attempted to hide in it.

Reviewed by dalysman 10 / 10

Worth to watch

I was waiting for this movie since first trailer was launched. And when i had opportunity to watch it, i was more than happy. Great story line, reminds me Garfield and his new "friend" dog. Many characters such as lazy cat and hamster who can't find his way home made movie incredible funny. I love Kevin Hart voice and his expressions being that little, loud and angry bunny makes it more interesting. The writing was excellent, made my mom, youngest sister, and myself constantly laugh. To the targeted demographic that the film focuses on, this film will be a sure fire box office hit to them. I hope that there will be a second part of this life of pets.

Reviewed by elvis58 10 / 10

Got Pets? - Ya HAVE to see it! - Got Kids? - Ya HAVE to see it !

Fast-paced and Funny! Lots of Laughs and action ..... The good guys always win! ..... This out does Disney by far Not too scary for kids, scenes move and change fast, so their little minds don't really grasp the couple of sad parts .....Attention is fixed on their Brooklyn adventure underground .. Great voice-overs, each character comes through as an individual, so you can pick your favorite "PAL"... Our theater was full of laughter almost all the way through ... except when the kids were cheering for the pets as they managed to outsmart Animal Control .. It's always fun when a rag-tag group of mis-fits out smarts the bad guys..Most of the pets are available through local toy stores with the exception of "Tatoo" the pig ... why he is not included seems to be an oversight on the part of the studio.. Not that he had a major role but nonetheless he was still an intregal part to the plot No matter which your favorite pet is in the movie, it was well written and deserves to be seen by all

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