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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by walshchad 10 / 10

A film to haunt one's dreams

I saw this film at the Ithaca Fantastic Film Festival two days ago and still haven't quite gotten over it. The Midnight Swim is a story of three sisters, their dead mother, and a lake. It is at once a piercing family drama, a somber meditation on life and death, and the creepiest film I have seen since The Orphanage in 2008. It is also an excellent example of how a small budget can work to a film's advantage when the film-makers are bearing a surplus of imagination and intelligence.

I won't give away the story, but the film is shot in point-of-view style by one of the sisters, who is collecting footage for a documentary about her family. I have always been of two minds about POV film-making. While I have admired the visceral immediacy of this approach, I have often missed in it the deeper emotional resonances that are possible in conventional film-making. One of the revelations of this movie for me is that a film can have both of these qualities at the same time.

I was also bowled over by the cast. If these three actresses aren't sisters, they could be. The documentary style gives them nowhere to hide, and the performances had to be spotless in order for the film to work. (They are spotless and at times absolutely hair-raising.) Greatly to actors' credit, it is impossible to tell how much of the dialogue was written and how much of it was improvised.

Two days later, I am still brooding on this movie. It is beautiful, troubling, weird and enthralling -- a film to haunt one's dreams.

Reviewed by ASD 10 / 10

"The Midnight Swim" - An Unforgettable Dive!

This is a FANTASTIC new suspense film (a drama of spiritual decay, a visual/aural/tonal pastiche, one could say) that I really, truly think many of you will love...I'd say probably the most efficient way to sum up this movie and its emotional impact is to describe it as "The Big Chill" meets "The Shining", that is completely unafraid to take its time to get where it's eerily going (but not TOO much time, with a highly-tidy 90-minute run), with a fine improv-mumblecore glaze of "Paranormal Activity" as well...but the incredible feminine-driven substance, its brilliantly-evocative/symbolic cinematography and artfully-potent editing (easily the best I've ever seen in a "found footage movie"), and its deft and incredibly-memorable uses of great emotional acting and sudden/subtle tone shifts is what *really* gives this film its heart that will stay with you beneath all the ambiguous Kubrickian/Lynchian suspense. It also passes the famed Bechdel Test with flying colors for once! So let's all help this soon-to-be cult favorite for far more than just suspense/horror buffs earn its place! You'll be very happy you did! :)

Reviewed by blythe17 10 / 10

mysterious, artful exploration of sisterhood, family and mental illness.

"The Midnight Swim" is a mysterious, artful exploration of sisterhood, family, and mental illness. It's the kind of film that takes you on a mysterious journey that you really want to go on, and that you think about for weeks afterward. I was lucky enough to see this at the Berkshire International Film Festival and now it is playing at theaters around the United States. The performances by the actors, in particular by Jennifer Lafleur (but they are all great) are stand-out. The directing is assured and clear and quite clearly done by someone with the eye of an artist. The cinematography is also beautiful and magical and pulls you into the story. If this film comes to your town, I highly recommend you see it on the big screen. Otherwise, look out for it on VOD!

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