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Audie Murphy as Lt. Frank Hewitt
Kathryn Grant as Anne Martin
Patricia Tiernan as Stella Leatham
Ray Teal as Salt Pork
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dougbrode 8 / 10

southern who joined union during civil war returns home to rally women against raiding Indians

As every Audie Murphy buff knows, his best western was the near-classic No Name On the Bullet, with perhaps Destry a close second. But in the top three (setting the short but brilliant Red Badge of Courage and the autobiographical To Hell and Back, an A movie, aside), Guns of Fort Petticoat is at the top of the list, owing to splendid outdoor action sequences, a smart sense of humor that doesn't allow anyone to take this all too seriously, and . . . to put it bluntly . . . sex appeal. Also, a political consciousness, with Murphy a) going north, despite his being a southwesterner, to fight in the civil war because he's against slavery, and b) his attempt to try and stop the Sand Creek Massacre and save Native American lives. (One historical error: The massacre was not perpetrated by 'regular U.S. army,' as the film suggests, but by a self-styled civilian-soldier group called a 'militia outfit' though really noting more than racist vigilantes.) Knowing that an Indian war is impending, Murphy returns to the war torn southwest and, with men absent, trains women to fight and defend themselves. Something of a feminist western, way ahead of its time, but (thankfully) no polemics, only action, romance, and surprisingly effective comedy. Kathryn Grant makes an adorable female lead for Audie.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 7 / 10

Alamo, Rorke's Drift, only with lots of cool women!

Lt. Frank Hewitt absconds from the Union Army to warn fellow Texans that Indian attacks are inevitable due to a massacre at Sand Creek. What he finds is that all the men are away fighting in the Confederate Army so the homesteaders are mainly made up of women. Having to first earn their respect and trust, he convinces them to prepare for an Indian attack at a dilapidated mission station, teaching the majority of them to shoot and fend for themselves in hand to hand combat. Badly outnumbered when the day comes, it will take more than the hand of god to stop this from being another massacre to further darken the South.

What an absolute blast this picture is, for sure it's steeped in B movie traditions, but led by the amiable Audie Murphy as Hewitt, the picture is certainly most engaging and never lets the discerning viewer down. Perhaps struggling to shake off the need to be overtly serious, it is none the less dramatic at times and not without serious moments that put the ladies of the piece firmly in a good light. It's not a feminist picture of course because the characters still need their men to be with them, Hewitt naturally creates a little pitter-patter amongst some of the women, what the picture chiefly portrays is that these gals can step up to the plate when required, and more crucially, the film doesn't rely on sentimentality to raise the picture's worth.

Kathryn Grant (soon to me Mrs Bing Crosby), Hope Emerson, Jeanette Nolan, Peggy Maley and Patricia Tiernan are just some of the female cast that make this a hugely enjoyable picture. From the intriguing training sequences as Hewitt gets tough with the gals, to the thrilling rush of the Indian attack on the mission, The Guns Of Fort Petticoat is a very enjoyable Western that most certainly doesn't waste the time of the viewer. 7/10

Reviewed by PamelaShort 7 / 10

" Audie's Army Wears Petticoats "

Audie Murphy plays Union officer Lt. Frank Hewitt, who disobeys his officer's orders to massacre Native Americans at Sand Creek. He deserts his unit as he knows the massacre will only incite the tribe to take revenge upon American citizens. He heads home for Texas, where his friends and neighbours consider him a traitor, for defecting the calvary. With the proof of an impending tribal attack, Hewitt must train the women to defend themselves, as all the men are away at war. He trains them at an abandoned missionary, and when the angry Indians arrive, the women defeat them. Hewitt the deserter is found not-guilty during court-martial proceedings, however his former commander is not so lucky, and is charged with the Sand Creek carnage. This film is surprisingly very good. The cast gives solid performances, with the stand-out mention of Hope Emerson and young Kathryn Grant playing Murphy's feisty love interest. There are some good tense and gripping scenes, that take place during the attack on the mission. Murphy's performance is cool as he whips the woman into fighting shape. I really enjoyed this entertaining film and suggest it's worth a look.

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