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Devon Sawa as Father John Barrow
Gina Holden as Dr. Laurie Hawthorne
Jon Cor as Daryl
Sarah Lind as Molly Hartley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10

Molly, you in danger girl........again....

The unholy demon inside the titular character is apparently alive and well.

Six years after graduating high school, and discovering that a secret pact assigned her soul to the devil, Molly is suspected of murdering the only reason why this should be unrated and confined to a mental hospital, where she wreaks supernatural havoc on the staff and patients.

Her only hope is an exorcism by a defrocked priest, who has seen The Exorcist a few times, looking to redeem himself and save Molly's life before her transformation is complete........

In the world of most pointless sequels, this has to be up there with the likes of 8mm 2, and Single White Female 2, but at least this tries to have some sort of connection to the first movie, rather than cashing in on a successful film (but the first wasn't exactly a blockbuster)....

And from the upstart, it's pretty clear that it's film making at its most laziest, ripping off almost every exorcist/satanic cult related movie from Rosemary's Baby, The setting of The third Exorcist, and a blatant rip off of the Finale of original Exorcist, which is just so cheeky, it's deserves an extra star for its own cockiness.

But then it just shows you that the film has nothing new to offer in the plethora of straight to Blu Ray horror films that plague our market every single week of the year for the rest of our lives.

The most notable thing about this film is Devon Sawa, that chap from Final Destination, who now looks like Daniel Craig, but if he was inside out.

He looks so uninvolved in the film, and could win the award for least convincing Exorcist in a movie.

The first one was bad, but it was laughably bad, something you could point at and laugh at its misfortunes.

This however, is a pitiful excuse of a movie, and it angers me that I wasted precious minutes enduring it....

Reviewed by tabish_ronan 7 / 10

Generous 7

It's a sequel to the haunting in Molly... and that movie was more teen audience based, this is where the movie makers took the critique and molded it into a better second movie. One of the few horror movies which the sequel is better than the first. It was mainly an OK film. The way it began I doubted it would be. It picked up though. If you are into exorcisms as I am you will like this. The most unconvincing was the female lead actor. she didn't have the gravitas or the chops for the role. Devon Sawa justified his role as a priest. Just my opinion. Is it me or did the ending point to another exorcism in a future film? I'm giving it a generous 7out of 10.

Reviewed by cliometrician 5 / 10

Exorcise Your Demons

I think I'm a little like Coleridge's Ancient Mariner--I'm compelled to see every single exorcism movie, no matter how bad the reviews, then tell the story of the movie to strangers. I saw this film one day after I watched THE VATICAN TAPES, so my mind kept comparing the two.

In every exorcism movie there are elements that are common to most of them. In this case we have the beautiful girl that is possessed. Now there was a HAUNTING OF MOLLIE HARTELEY movie, but I never saw it. That may explain why there is almost no background for the main character and not much reason why we should care for her. The film has her out with friends celebrating her 24th birthday, and the fact that she just made partner in a law firm--youngest ever to do so. But she takes a pill offered to her by a guy and girl and her friends are forgotten, then she heads to her apartment still stoned and shares a bed with her two new acquaintances.

Then bad things happen and she winds up at a psychiatric hospital run by the Catholic church. The next trope is the kindly priest found in all such films. Except this one has been confined to the hospital as a patient. He assisted in a botched exorcism (which we see earlier). He would have go to prison except that he pleaded insanity in order to be committed.

And there the plot thickens with his attempt at another exorcism, this time at the behest of the resident psychiatrist. Now to the heart of things, the actual exorcism. He did not read from any manual as he confronts the demon hidden within the girl, just shouted out what he thought was needed, and it did not sound very convincing to me--he needed more rehearsals.

The make-up is well done and the special effects are average. I liked the make-up better than in the VATICAN TAPES. Then he pulled out something a little different, an old metal box that opens and is used to trap the demon. It was not called a Dybbuk as we saw in THE POSSESSION. I could not make out clearly its name but it sounded sort of like "cushian." Demon exorcised, everyone happy.....except the Devil's not finished yet and we have a surprise for us, a pretty dramatic one, and yet the drama fizzled and left the ending weak.

I would recommend this to anyone who is into exorcism movies as I am. Sure its familiar, but nowadays aren't they all? I put this a notch or so below THE VATICAN TAPES, mostly because that movie did a far better job on setting the background of everyone, and because that movie involved the Anti-Christ itself, something usually absent in such films.

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