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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steves97 8 / 10

Loved it, but you might hate it

Like most movies, whether or not someone likes TBWP will usually depend on what they're looking for. Many people enjoy horror movies because of the special effects, gore, shocks, and, in some cases, the high production value. Since TBWP came from a small independent film company that cost less than a hundred grand to make, can a moviegoer really expect all that and have a good time? I honestly don't think so.

Myrick and Sanchez had a terrific idea for a film: make a frightening mock documentary that was supposed to look like it was done by some amateur college students. Some people seem to be under the impression that the movie was about the witch, when what it really was about the mental and emotional breakdown of the three film students. I feel that once viewers could accept the low production values and the improvised script, only then could they deal with Heather, Josh, and Mike. Until they do that, the film would never work for them.

I just put myself in their position: I'm lost in the woods, I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I've got the added stress of returning borrowed equipment. The weather is getting colder, it rains just enough to make life miserable, and something is waking me up each and every night. Now, I'm exhausted, grouchy, scared, and I having troubles thinking clearly.

People might have hated Heather because they she was bitchy and annoying, but all three of them had their moments, good and bad. Many people might have also hated the fact that not everything was explained to them, and that they never got to see the Blair Witch. Many other people may have resented Artisan Entertainment's marketing campaign, although they can't deny just how effective it was. All the filmmakers and actors asked was that filmgoers understand the spirit that was intended; without it, they knew the film couldn't work for anybody.

As you might already tell, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. What Haxan Films managed to do with what they had is not only revolutionary, but is also inspirational to independent filmmakers everywhere. I found the backstory interesting, the plotline well thought out, and the characters extremely developed, considering the lack of structure and guidelines within the film. If you do decide to see this film, I think you'll enjoy it if you see it for what it simply is, nothing more; it might even scare the hell out of you!

Reviewed by Brian A. Cagayat 8 / 10

Tense, unsettling, original, intelligent, short, cheap.

I saw this film last night, LONG after all the hype and reviews were made about it. I settled in with the right mood for any film: no expectations. If you expect too much, you may be let down (take note for any Kubrick film). I watched the entire film without interruption and came out with a great feeling. "The Blair Witch Project" is one darn good movie.

Many critics and moviegoers complained about the film for its length, its amateurish photography/editing, and its lack of adequate acting. I feel these things MADE THE MOVIE. First, the film has to be at most ninety minutes long: any more, and it would be too long and boring. Second, the amateur video take gives the audience the feel that they are actually in the woods, listening to the rippling water of the creek, snapping branches under their boots, and hearing things go bump in the night. I greatly admire the use of two video cameras (one black-and-white, the other color) to denote which character is shooting the film. Lastly, the incessant screaming of whiny Heather, the constant complaining of average-joe Mike, and the Dudley-Do-Rightness of Josh make for great acting. Yes, these are regular people and up-and-coming actors from your local community theater, but YOU KNOW THEM. You've met people like them.

The biggest complaint, however, comes from the film's supposed "lack" of scary moments. This film reminds me of the classic horror film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre," and though not as gory and as shocking as that film, "The Blair Witch Project" shows just enough fright in the group's search for a way out of the woods, stalked by people and/or things they may never understand. In the older film, the long interval between opening credits and first gory act of violence is about thirty minutes long; it is even longer here, but the suspense/fright (just as in the older film) begins right from the opening credits: you just don't see it until the film's over. These are three people out to make a documentary in the woods with handheld camcorders--these are REAL PEOPLE. And GREAT ACTORS. Heather whines a lot and screams and reminds you of the girl you hate so much you fall in love with her. Her screams sound real, her cries are genuine, and she is DEEPLY DEEPLY sorry for bringing the others into the woods in order to film her documentary.

I really dig the beginning. It seems so real to me I may delve into my old home movies for nostalgia. Heather and Josh pick up Mike, then go to the store for supplies. This opening sequence really packs a punch. These are three Generation Xers out for a camping trip. We all know what happens to them, but we're glued to the screen, intent to know what actually happens.

The interviews give us some detail into the Blair Witch legend, but most of the audience is too busy thinking about the actual trek into the woods that they don't listen. This is wrong. Listening is good. The interviews, which also sound real and not rehearsed in any way, are like movie reviews: the critics tell you what they saw, but mostly they don't want to ruin it for you...unless they hated it.

And that's what I'll do. I won't ruin it for you. 8/10.

Reviewed by Lynwood Moore Jr 10 / 10

Inventive and terrifying. Will spawn many imitations.

With all the hype surrounding this new independent horror film, you might think it would be hard for it to live up to expectations. The Blair Witch Project is probably as scary as it's reputation. Feel free to read on, I do not intend to give away any of the film's secrets or surprises. The less you know about this creepy little chiller, the better.

Filmed on video and 16mm black & white, this film is exactly what the horror genre needs in a time reminiscent of the early 1980s slasher onslaught. The Blair Witch Project has no knife wielding maniacs, no DNA altered monsters, and no real bloodshed onscreen. We see what the three film makers see as they make their way through the deep, dank woods in search of a legendary witch. There are times when there is nothing but a black screen, and all we can do is listen to their scared voices and the unexplained noises going on around them. The true horror behind this film is the unknown, and those dark places where you know something is lurking.

If you are a seasoned veteran of the horror cinema, The Blair Witch Project may be less frightening than for someone who has not seen many scary movies. You will have to respect it's originality, and it's manipulation of our deepest fears. At times the film really makes you feel the sense of dread the film makers are experiencing. One thing I did notice about the audience in the theater is that everyone was very quiet. Except for an occasional gasp, the moviegoers were absorbed in this film. That's unusual for a modern horror movie. Most are full of fake scare tactics and multiple twist endings that keep the audience shouting and screaming at the screen. One thing for sure, you can expect many imitations of The Blair Witch Project in the future. Isn't that how it usually goes?

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