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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lambysalamby 7 / 10

Though flawed, it was better than I expected...

The new Terminator wasn't terrible! I'm surprised. Though it had its flaws it was much better then Terminator 3 and Salvation... and I actually enjoyed it mostly. I probably won't be watching it like 30 times like Judgement Day, but its not like I expected it to ever live up to Cameron's work....

First off, the action was good and so was the pace, the film never became boring even with how complex the story was so it certainly gets points for that.

The film itself runs like the greatest hits of the the franchise which is both good and bad.

The pros: Revisiting 1984 (the first terminator timeline) was a lot of fun for obvious reasons.. You get more things like crazy manoeuvres from the T1000 etc and Arnie gets to kick some ass and even be funny at times....

The cons: How many times do they have to repeat lines from the previous films? Sarah Conner says: "Come with me if you want to live" Really? Again? Really? Come on, having that as an obligatory line in each movie is actually annoying. "I'll be back" is just like an obligatory oh, we'll just squeeze that in there, the audience will love that! Nope, not really, see in the first Terminator that had impact! Like the impact of a car coming through the wall! This is there just for the sake of it...

Aside from that, I think JK Simmons character was borderline pointless, you could nearly have cut him out of the movie and barely noticed! A crying shame for such an excellent actor.. Generally the script could have done with more tweaking, some plot towards the end just seemed outright silly, but I will say the chemistry between Arnie and Emilia was actually pretty good!

Overall: It's no Judgement day but you know what, it was actually a decent film and it was great to see Arnie as the Terminator again, and not saying "talk to the hand" . I can see why James Cameron endorsed this as the true sequel to T2...

Reviewed by Maria Richards 1 / 10

Hollywood soup for the catatonic

Against all odds I was amazed I made it to the end of this movie. I only wish I could go back in time and tell my wife to talk me out of the suggestion I made to see Terminator Genisys. The original Terminator movie is a cult classic and yes, the remade scenes entertained me on a nostalgia level but as for the rest of the script, it played out like an episode of neighbours. The acting was terrible, the casting was terrible, the action sequences...If I said, give me $170 million dollars for me to take a dump and then I'll feed it to the masses and make a profit, you'd think I was insane - yet Hollywood does it again. Another 3 dimensional turd (yes I sadly paid the extra for the 3D which only really amounted to feeling like someone was actually shi**ing in my face) served up for the intellectually bereft to eat popcorn too. I don't know where these great reviews are coming from, but they're certainly not from Ireland, because in my cinema there was a general feeling of agitation and boredom about an hour into the movie.

It felt like Arnie was trying to save the movie by explaining the plot to us, which simply didn't come together, as well as trying to plead with us that his acting days weren't over, even if they were limited to playing an emotionless robot - i.e. the role he has played in all his movies since the 80s.

So here's the spoilers, if you can call them that:

If I knew that a computer programme was being developed that was going to cause the end of humanity, or at least try to and I had a time machine that would enable me to "destroy skynet before it's born" would I really jump to just 24 hours before Judgement Day? I think I may have had the foresight to nip it in the bud a bit earlier.

If I was in a bus that flipped and was completely mangled, hanging off a bridge, and I was initially sitting in a passenger seat without a seat belt, I would expect...well..I wouldn't expect anything, I'd be dead. Hardened soldier as he is though, Kyle Reece steps out with the obligatory scratch on his forehead. At one point I thought they were going to reveal that they were all T1000's, the amount of physical abuse they could take.

If I could essentially break myself into a floating atomic state, I wouldn't then spend my time struggling to pull myself off a lamp-post through my guts - I would simply float round it, or at least open up the hole so I could walk away without a struggle.

If I was a hardened female self made soldier, I would expect that I would show some signs of physical fitness and muscular definition - sorry Emilia, but if the fate of humanity rested on you even being able to act like a militaryesque hero, I'd be guessing it was game over. She looked like she was struggling to run with the props. And yes I know "militrayesque" is not a word, so give it 3 minutes after reading this and it will probably appear in a US dictionary.

If I had created an explosion that was enough to liquidate an entire compound around me, I doubt I would put my faith in a steel door to save me from the blast. Especially one that a sword handed T1000 has no problem puncturing with with his sword hands.

I could go on...and on.

As for the chemistry between the two leads, if there was a formula for this and we could create a bomb with it to be used on "Judgement Day", the fallout would turn everyone into Keanu Reeves, or Pinocchio.

Just awful.

All I can say is that all of you so called fans of the original that loved this movie, must have been the result of a 70's fertility drug gone wrong. Seriously, watch it again with your brain stem attached and tell me this even comes close to quality cinema.

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