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Megan Fox as April O'Neil
Stephen Amell as Casey Jones
Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick
Laura Linney as Chief Vincent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelarrens 10 / 10

Absolutely entertaining.

One year after their battle with the Shredder, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still live in the shadows, having allowed Vern Fenwick to take the credit for Shredder's defeat. When Shredder is being transferred between prisons by corrections officer Casey Jones, his Foot Clan–operating under the direction of scientist Baxter Stockman–attack the convoy transporting him. The Turtles, tipped off to the escape attempt by April O'Neil, fend them off. Stockman is still able to affect Shredder's escape using a teleportation device, but Shredder is hijacked mid-teleport and winds up in another dimension. There, the alien warlord Krang gives him a mutagenic compound in exchange for his promise to find three components of a machine Krang sent to Earth in ages past, which when united will open a portal to his dimension.

Shredder recruits the two criminals that were being transported alongside him, Bebop and Rocksteady, and has Stockman use Krang's mutagen on them to transform them into powerful animal mutants. The snooping April witnesses their transformation, and is able to steal the vial of mutagen. Pursued by the Foot, she is unexpectedly saved by Casey. In the scuffle, the vial is lost and taken into police custody. Donatello deduces that the mutagen could be used to turn the Turtles into humans, enabling them to live normal lives above ground, but Leonardo refuses and insists that he keeps it as a secret from the others. However, Michelangelo overhears their conversation and tells Raphael. Rapheal furiously confronts Leonardo for not telling them about the Retro mutagen and being honest with them, which results in Leonardo benching him and Mikey off the mission. Raph then recruits Mikey, April, Casey, and Vern to break into the NYPD police headquarters to recover the mutagen. But the Foot arrive ahead of them and in the ensuing battle, the Turtles' existence is revealed to the police, who react with fear and hatred. The brothers escape, but April and Casey are arrested.

With Shredder's forces having already recovered two of the pieces of the portal device, the Turtles track Bebop and Rocksteady where they have recovered the final piece from a jungle in Foz do Iguaçu at Brazil. The Turtles intercept their jet on its return journey via a plane-to-plane skydive, and although the resultant battle crashes the jet, Bebop and Rocksteady are still able to successfully escape with the final component. The Turtles return to New York just in time to watch as Stockman and Shredder complete the portal device and open the gateway to Krang's dimension, through which his modular war machine, the Technodrome, begins to emerge. Krang immediately betrays Shredder, freezing him and locking him away with his collection of other defeated foes.

The Turtles see no way to combat the threat from the shadows and must decide whether or not to take the mutagen and become humans in order to fight openly. Leonardo finally agrees to do as his brothers wish, but Raphael shatters the vial, realizing that they must accept who and what they are. Vern recovers security footage that proves Stockman and Shredder's crimes and secures April and Casey's release, allowing them to facilitate a meeting between the Turtles and police chief Rebecca Vincent. With the acceptance and blessing of the police, the Turtles go into action, confronting Krang aboard the still- assembling Technodrome. Meanwhile, Casey keeps Bebop and Rocksteady busy while April and Vern defeat Shredder's lieutenant Karai and take control of the portal device. Once the Turtles locate the beacon around which the Technodrome is assembling, they hurl it back through the portal, taking Krang and the rest of the Technodrome with it, and April, Casey, and Vern shut the portal down, ultimately defeating the alien, but not before Krang swears he will return for revenge.

The Turtles are honored by Vincent and the NYPD, but elect to keep their existence a secret from the public at large, deciding that being normal isn't nearly as fun as being a turtle.

Reviewed by Sandra-durand80 10 / 10

Turtle Power!

Cowabunga dudes!! I loved the movie! It was awesome. It kept me on the edge of my seat! It was extremely funny and not to mention unpredictable. It has a wonderful cast and the acting was phenomenal in my opinion. I love my Ninja Turtles... :-) They were adorable! If you're a Ninja Turtles' fan and you haven't seen the movie, then what are you waiting for? Go and watch the movie! I give this movie a big 10 !! What else can I say? Everything I wanted to say about the movie without accidentally adding spoilers has been said, but I need at least 10000 words to document my review. Okay, I hope I fulfilled the 1000-word review. So, yes, go and watch the movie. Why are you reading my review at this point? Go! Watch the movie! Thank you and have s good day. :)

Reviewed by (harispmkhan) 10 / 10

A review from a 11 year olds point of view

I am one of the first people to review this movie, so I decided to give this review from a different age perspective, I myself thought it was a boring story,with similar tropes from other movie, and it felt a sense of déjà vu as we ended with them fighting on top of a building.

Yet in this review this opinion doesn't count, I have asked my nephew to tell me what he though, I will not be changing any of the points he made, only to make sense in the context.

He started of with him shouting "THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER" once I asked him to elaborate he stated,"The turtles looked so realistic, and the action was actually pretty fun, yet I did not like how they sacrificed parts of the story to cut down the running time, and second have the last fight a little longer, yet all in all it was great!" I then asked him ' What would you like to rate it out of 10?' He said boldly "10 out of 10!"

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