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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Got to admit, It starts off stupid but ends brilliant.

It seems like just another slasher stereotype: a group of young attractive camp Counselors, alone in the woods trying to get to know each other before the kids come. This time around however, a strange outbreak turns anyone exposed into a raging murderer for a small period of time. It eventually wears off, but do to the nature of how it spreads, anyone at anytime can become the slasher and as easily not become the slasher.

It makes for a very suspenseful film not knowing who was going to be the slasher or the victim at any given time, and it was very impressive that they kept this up with so limited resources for 83mins.

It's starts off slow and very corny. The movie is filled with a lot of OMG and WTF moments that are very slasher campy, but as the mystery of the outbreak begins to unravel the camp turns form bad to really good. Summer Camp seems to go for one big punch line instead of a few good kills, which turned into a smart tactic that makes this cleaver film work.

It's the type of Horror film all slasher fans should check out.

Reviewed by livid-88704 3 / 10

Should change the name of this movie to "Screaming and Grunting in the Dark"

They should change the name of this movie to Screaming and Grunting in the Dark because that's literally all there is. I hated this movie. The description is mid leading as it says it is about counselors battling plagued children. There are no children in the movie until the last three minutes. The movie is super dark making it hard to see any of the little action.

The acting is sub par and there is hardly any character development, making it impossible to care about any of the characters. The entire movie is them running around screaming from one infected after another. All the infected do is scream and grunt with a little black goo coming out of their mouths (think 28 Days Later only not as good).

The one good thing I will say about this movie is the "action" starts fairly quick. If you are looking for a good slasher or zombie/infected flick, this is neither.

Reviewed by braddles-21974 10 / 10

Very interesting concept

Before I begin, let me say that I would honestly give this movie a solid 6-6.5 by IMDb standards. I rate it a 10 because the 5.3 just doesn't do it justice. This movie is a fresh addition to the plague genre and it wasn't as repetitive and predictable as other movies of this genre. In addition, the acting is well done and doesn't give a cheesy B-Movie feel to the film, which is kinda what I was expecting before I started watching this, but I was pleasantly surprised. One of the complaints about this movie is that it is very shaky. It does have shaky moments, but overall, I'd say that anytime the camera does shake, it is earned and warranted. I watched this film in SD and had no problem with the camera work. If you are a fan of plague movies or zombie type movies, I would definitely recommend giving this film a try.

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