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Dermot Mulroney as Neal Phillips
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Chris Colfer as Carson Phillips
Allison Janney as Sheryl Phillips
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Swish ieee 7 / 10

random story but great

This movie will touch those who feel a bit lost in life. The movie began with Chris Colfer's character being killed by lightning, and it may have been the most random and unlikely event to take place realistically and you will feel sceptical about how this will all play out during the movie but by the end of it, re-watching this scene is extremely sad.

Yes, it is a high school movie, bringing in all the clichéd cliques and stereotypes but never in a cheesy manner. All characters play a minor role but ultimately this is Chris Colfer's movie. He plays a great, passionate and driven kid and this only makes his fate more sad. Rebel Wilson does a fun job in playing the odd girl who perhaps is the only person who truly likes Chris' character, Carson.

There is a focus on Carson's relationship with his mother an alcoholic and depressed women, who was left by Carson's father during their marriage. Without saying much it is quite emotional towards the end. It is a great movie, sending a strong message on ambition, future, life and friendship. Watch it, but be warned, it is not a cheesy high school movie, nor will it leave you in a uplifted but emotional state as in the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

"It doesn't matter if you're stuck in the past or if you're trying to forget the past; what matters is what you do with the present"- Struck by Lightning.

Reviewed by virginiacitygirl 9 / 10

Highly Recommended

I saw this at a film festival and understood immediately why it got an early comparison to John Hughes movies. Like those, SBL doesn't talk down to its audience, nor is it sweet in the slightest. There are lots of one-liners and snarky little jokes that zip by quickly and naturally, fully expecting the audience to catch them without having to be hit over the head. Even the tender moments (and there are quite a few of them) are flavored with a dash of vinegar.

Personally I was surprised by how empathetic lead character Carson Phillips was. He's a self important little snot, but I could easily recognize a deep core of frustration at the heart of his bitter snark. Carson's problem is not that he doesn't care, it's that he cares too much, about everything, and can't understand why other people don't. (Or won't) He can't relate to his peers - except for a shy, quirky girl named Malerie (Rebel Wilson) - and the adults in his life regularly let him down. Everyone around him seems to be either clinging to the past or stubbornly locked into the present, while all Carson wants is a chance to get out of his little town, spread his wings and embrace the future.

Allison Janney and Rebel Wilson have been getting much of the pre-release buzz, but this movie belongs to Chris Colfer all the way. From the first frame to the last, he is the driving force and he is excellent. People who want to write this off as starring "that kid from Glee" should give this movie a chance. I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. Glee and Kurt Hummel never even crossed my mind as I was watching and it took no effort at all to get lost in the narrative and enter into Carson's world for 90 minutes. The actors were all well cast and everyone seemed to really sink their teeth into these roles. And for a first-time writer, Colfer truly impressed me. The plot holds together well and both the teen and adult perspectives are believable and interesting.

Reviewed by Abir Mohammad 10 / 10

Colfer definitely outdid himself

Struck By Lightning was perfect on all levels, I can't believe how much I related to Carson; he is definitely one of my new favourite fictional characters ever. As an aspiring author myself, this film was so inspiring for me in terms of writing, it's really made me want to get out there and achieve my goals and not end up in a terrible life that I don't like. This film, although with the unrealistic storyline, was still so realistic on so many levels and I think this will remain a lifelong favourite of mine. Chris is so talented on so many levels.

I cannot wait for this to be released on DVD in this country so I can keep it forever.

As a big fan of his television show, Glee, I immediately fell in love with Chris and his character there. I also, as well as Kurt Hummel, identify myself with Carson so much. I am so glad that I saw this film.

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