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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Grounded Logic 1 / 10

Life of a bunch of lowlifes

If by voting this a 3 or lower I could send the real life versions of these losers along with their shameless "gimme ma money dawg" sellout "actors" to jail, I'd still vote a 1, and so only because I cannot cast a lower vote.

What's there to say? If the reviewers who gave this a 10 are paid to raise the rating (and this is most certainly the overwhelming case) then please do not have children! You are moral sellouts. If on the other hand you actually enjoyed this movie, sorry, but you're an idiot.

A story--er nightmare, about scumbag filth who prostituted their way through the 80's and 90's as the moral fabric of society was being systematically destroyed by a new brand of media and television, and used this gap in evolution, as these types always use any possible opportunity to capitalize where the least amount of intellect or work is necessary, to make themselves downright rich so they can then spend the rest of their useless, oxygen-thieving carbon waste lives to further deconstruct decency by telling their tale of filth to the world with actors who don't have the skills necessary to clean a truck stop restroom. The lower your IQ the higher your rating will be. For those who have not seen it and wish to retain some sense of dignity, don't even watch this on pirated sites. You'll lose over an hour of your life for nothing. Read a book instead - even a comic book! Your time will be better spent.

This movie is testament to the fact that this generation is lost and worthless. Anything good to come out of the last 2 decades seems so rare that it deserves a statue. One can only hope that this trend ends and soon, so the world can start rebuilding a sense of pride and decency again. Yuck! Ugh! Blah! No amount of Listerine rinses will help you get the taste of this movie out of your mouth.

Reviewed by karionas 1 / 10

Urgh what a disgusting film!.

I am totally disenchanted that I wasted my time and money in seeing one of the most awful movie ever. Mean rappers who violate every law and live a meaningless life where every kind of sin is allowed . These gangsters are not peaceful rebels at all,but evil and aggressive rappers who respect no one and whose atrociousness and uncontrollable instincts made them more like beasts rather than human beings. The story of five horny sex slaves who seek pleasure in pornography and explicit sex. The music is absolutely lousy and noisy. Believe it or not :This is a disgusting movie. See this movie on your own responsibility.

Reviewed by mizabizou 1 / 10

Not a musical biography,nor a drama,just a semi porno movie.

"Straight Outta Compton" is not a musical biography nor a drama,it is rather a semi porno movie.

"Straight Outta Compton" tells the story of five contemptible outlaws who have been living a dissolute life where everything is allowed.

This movie takes place in Compton in the mid 80s.I am totally astounded:"Were Black Men So Aggressive And Shameless during the 1980s?".

What is the theme of this rubbish movie?.

Those five Black narcissistic individuals do not respect themselves,nor they respect others and they shamelessly act (swearing,acting like horny sex maniacs and perverts).

Alas!. This was the worst movie I have ever seen!.

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