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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aiqbal66 4 / 10

Not really Star Trek. To JJ: Your audience is smarter than action and explosions.

Disappointed with this entry in the series. Star Trek to me isn't about motorcycles and loud music, it's more about exploring science fiction concepts and themes through great storytelling (which this film has very little of). The "twist" at the end is figured out about a 1/3 of the way in. Lazy storytelling where props are laid for action scenes for no apparent reason (why is there a motorcycle aboard a starship?).

On the plus side, the cast is magnificent and the charm they bring to their roles makes this enterprise watchable. It's too bad the script and direction don't give them much to do. Mr. Lin, while a good action director, isn't a good storyteller. While that's good for the Fast & Furious franchise, Star Trek deserves better.

Reviewed by amaskedman 6 / 10

Fast and Furious in Space

I was worried when Justin Lin was signed on to direct. I am not a fan of the mindless Fast and Furious franchise with its ridiculous stunts and silly plots. I gave him a chance, because after all, its Star Trek.

What we got was Fast and Furious in space. Just running, fighting, explosions, one frantic scene after another with no time to develop characters, motivations, or even plausible Sci-Fi. It feels shallow, a promising plot sacrificed to the alter of YA expectations.

Another Star Trek movie where the enterprise is destroyed, again? Is this sci-fi disaster porn now?

The dialogue is forced, the banter off tempo, and in the end, the actors talents and IP were wasted on what feels like a B movie.

Reviewed by sunbreak7-1 7 / 10

Not like the old versions

If you want a movie that has a lot of action, fighting and graphics, this is the movie for you. If you want a well developed plot and good acting, it just doesn't deliver. The acting is uneven. The Spock character seems to do the best job and is believable. Some of the others seem like they are at times still reading from the script. The old original Star Trek movies had well defined relationship stories in them but in this, it seems like the characters are secondary to the graphic presentations and fighting scenes. I would even say they don't click together like the original cast. So, to me it was entertaining to a certain extent, but disappointing in that the plot was not as developed as it could have been. The actress who played the "helper" in the end did seem to be very strong and believable.

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