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Magda Apanowicz as Jennifer Miller
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Laura Harris as Beth Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Troubleboy 4 / 10

Better Than Most SyFy Channel Films

Let's admit it, most SyFy Channel original offerings are rubbish. However, without going into the plot, 'Snowmageddon' is slightly above their usual fare with a cast that is better than average and a story line that, for the most part, holds your attention.

No improvement on the CGI though and the town of 'Normal,' where 50% of the action takes place is more reminiscent of a cluster of buildings you would find on your average farm property, than Main Street, North America, even though the story is supposed to take place in the foothills of Alaska.

All in all though, the best of a usually bad SyFy crop.

Reviewed by realdealblues 7 / 10

Another Good SyFy Channel Movie

There have a been a few SyFy Channel movies lately that I have really enjoyed. Snowmageddon had a very original story line which on a large scale budget could have been even better. I won't go into details of the plot since it can be read on the main page and in other reviews, but it really reminded me of something Stephen King would write, mixed with a little Lord Of The Rings for good measure.

I generally like most SyFy productions but some are better than others and Snowmageddon ranks up there with some of the best for me. I was definitely entertained for an hour and a half and have no regrets in watching this time waster.

I give it a solid B+

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Another case of the not terrible but not good either sort of movie

As I have said many times already I have made no secret of disliking a lot of SyFy's films, but I do keep watching to see if they do come up with something that is watchable at least. They have done a few movies that are surprisingly tolerable though even they are far from perfect, but most are bad but you are amused by the awfulness or are like witnessing a train-wreck.

I was very mixed on Snowmageddon actually, of the above categories it sits between the tolerable and so bad it's good ones. I do give it plaudits for the better than average acting, granted it is not brilliant but it is award-worthy compared to the likes of Quantum Apocalypse and Titanic II, decent photography and a storyline that is mostly interesting and original in concept.

That is not to say that the story is perfect though. It is interesting and generally well paced, but it does take a while to get going and the ending is abrupt. There are also scenes and ideas that suspend disbelief and don't make much sense, but for the first time in a while I actually got some novelty value out of them. These are including the ideas that electricity is still flowing in a town that is cut off from the rest of the world, flying even with ice bombs are going off and nobody in the town carrying a knife.

Snowmageddon also has some amateurish effects-though I've seen worse-, cheesy dialogue and characters that aren't developed enough to make us care for them. I loved the title, but it didn't fit with the concept and story, it was like there had been a last minute title change or that they had thought of a new idea and forgot to think of a title that fitted.

Overall, not as bad as other SyFy efforts, but there is nothing really that stood out to make it memorable or good. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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