Snow White and the Huntsman


Adventure / Drama / Fantasy

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Chris Hemsworth as The Huntsman
Sam Claflin as William
Charlize Theron as Ravenna
Kristen Stewart as Snow White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robtolboom 2 / 10

All in all a big disappointment!

Very poor performance from Kristen Stewart. She keeps looking as if she is sitting on the toilet and doesn't convince nor captivate the audience in many scenes. At one point in the movie she gave the men a pep talk, one of the worst ever! Almost all her dialogues are poor and unconvincing.

The only thing that kind of kept me in the audience were the funny dwarfs. Also the CGI was pretty nice. But the bottom line remains, acting is the most important and especially that of the leading role...

Apart from Kristen, the other actors were OK, but unfortunately not enough to save the movie.

All in all a big disappointment!

Reviewed by marcia-varaschin 6 / 10

Who told Kristen Stewart she could be an actress?

The movie is good (not great, though), specially because of the visual effects and Charlize Theron acting. She is great, beautiful, impressive, plays her role full of passion, as usual. Also I think there was no need for a 127 minutes picture. It could last less time, because in some moments I felt like they were just dragging it for no reason. I expected more, but all the problem is with Snow White choice. Kristen Stewart is like my refrigerator, no matter what I put in it (milk, soda, eggs, vegetables, meat), it is and it will always be a refrigerator. And so is she. She is always the same, no matter what role she is playing. If she can be an actress, so can my refrigerator. They are both cold and have no expression.

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