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Jackie Chan as Bennie Chan
Johnny Knoxville as Connor Watts
Fan Bingbing as Samatha Bai
Yeon Jung-hoon as Willie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pszeto1 3 / 10

Not Jackie's best effort....

It's always a crap shoot whenever a Hollywood film tries to bring martial arts into mainstream North America. Jackie Chan has for the most part bridged that gap successfully while integrating comedy. Unlike with his past comedic partners in crime from Owen Wilson and Chris Tucker. Johnny Knoxville fails miserably. It's not entirely his fault. It's the film itself. It seems to me Renny Harlin is trying to mash bits of Shanghai Noon with Rush Hour with a dab of Supercop. The film doesn't gel at all. The flow is all over the place and scenes are too implausible. Each scene, seems to be a gag. There's conversation/joke/story line implied then at the end of the scene, the punchline. Then it moves on. Action scenes are obvious Chan-born, which sometimes do not feel unique unlike his past Hollywood films. Feels too contrived, not original enough. I am a big fan of Jackie Chan - Johnny Knoxville is coming along trying to be taken seriously, but Renny can't seems to improve either actors and that shows in this outing. His last decent film, Long Kiss Goodnight should be used as reference to make better action movies.

Reviewed by pak-37-472137 10 / 10

WOW ! ACTION Jackie CHan is back ! Great stunts, and Comedy!

I was honored by my friend, Daniel Wu (coldwar, Police Story), to show me a screener of this movie.

any real Jackie Chan fan knows a good movie! I have been watching all his movies since I was 7, lol. From Drunken Kung fu master to Rush Hour and the recent Dragon Blade. this is far the realest Hollywood movie Jackie has made. Despite the ones with Chris tucker, which made Jackie a sidekick..

Jackie is no side kick. If anyone has watched his Hong Kong movies that were translated to English and debut in the late 90s and mid 2000s in USA.. you would Know Jackie CHAN is the leading action star in all his movies.. But he is humble, he gives creds to his co stars In all his movies despite what other critics say. I doubt they actually sit thru his movies. They just combine other critics viewpoints with their own and say they sat thru the whole movie! Johnny Knoxville is the perfect match, action comedy buddy since Sammo Hung Gung BO ( Jackies childhold friend, From China's Kung Fu School).

Sammo makes a brief appearance in this comedy caper. From the beginning to the end I couldn't stop watching this movie.. reminds me of all his movies from Rumble in the Bronx to his Police Story sequels.

What's weird is, Jackie doesn't care that his movies had been going directly to video on demand in US. It seems like in uS they don't want an Asian Action leading man star. Suffice to say in US, its still kinda sad and racist of the Movie industry.. Think back in 1997 time, when Jackie was coming back to America, The studios were re Releasing all of his Dubbed Chinese movies in English way before RUSH hour hit the scene.. WHY you say? Because studios back then actually promoted him.. Now everyone is promoting anime and cartoons and superheros instead.

Sad how the system works, but luckily for JACKIE CHan, his movies open normally in other countries in REAL Theatres.. SO Hollywood, wake the F up, lol JACKIE Chan is a movie star despite the Hollywood studios in USA that doesn't think he is! The duo are the best buddy/ cop compadres I have seen in years.. And its by RENNY HARLIn ( Cliffhanger with stallone , Die Hard movie), HELLO Mr action Jackson himself. SO glad Jackie got renny to direct this non stop action comedy movie, we all deserve from JACKIE.

Reviewed by Grounded Logic 10 / 10

There's hope!

I know the modern millennials, the intellectually inept, and also the emotionally unstable will not get it, but this little gem is a return to a time when movies meant to entertain rather than degrade.

Yes the acting is simple and fun, but this isn't a history piece. Yes the story line is quick and nostalgically pure, but it isn't a melodrama. But here's what this film is not: it is not full of disgusting pornography and unnecessarily perverted innuendos to keep today's "youth" entertained by pulling on their neanderthal limbic responses to get a bite. There is no blood or gore as we see it today that can ruin even an adult psyche by today's idea of cinematic "morals". It does not inject politically correct ethical impurities to persuade those of lesser IQ and mental instinct to clap at every pop culture reference toward popular political brainwashing dogmas. It does not pretend to be anything but what it is, a wholesome and entertaining flick.

It is what movies used to be like and what I respect Jackie Chan for continuing to do even today, and that is make movies that a normal set of parents can go see with their adolescent kids and not worry of at any second two men that look like women will try to force some insanity of pseudo logic and propaganda on my family.

This movie reminds me of what movies were like when actors didn't get paid $30 million apiece (even if these actors did - who knows) just to show up and "act". This movie reminds me of when going to the movies meant joy and entertainment, even if it wasn't necessarily deep.

perfect for families and it made me smile, because it brought back a touch of hope that maybe, just maybe, movies may one day return to a time when no agenda needed to be pushed and simple entertainment for a family audience was the only desired effect.

This is not Citizen Kane or Casablanca, but I still give it highest marks for doing that which in today's chaotic time of violence, filth, greed and social degradation may be considered "boring" by people who have passed the event horizon of stupidity. That alone earns it a ten in my book.

There's hope.

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