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Erica Duke as Tinsel
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Nicola Lambo as Julia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by irishangelanna 8 / 10

Snuggle up with your kitty and some popcorn!

I liked this movie. If you are a cat lover, it's one to snuggle up with your kitty and some popcorn and enjoy the show! I thought the CGI affects were well done. I think it will become an annual cult classic type Christmas movie with the cat lovers out there. Yes, you have to let yourself go and just enjoy the movie for what it is, a fun little Christmas movie. Yes, it's a little on the B low budget side, but not anymore than most of the Lifetime movies I've seen. I actually think it's a darling little movie that leaves you with a feel good feeling. And what more could I want from a holiday movie? The kittens are adorable and the kid does a fairly good job as an actor. And the actors that did the voices of the kittens and the mom cat were perfect matches. And the head reindeer were a hoot! I even liked Tinsel, and thought it was a great creative touch with the sleigh. If you love lighthearted Christmas movies with a Santa theme and love cats, you'll like this one! To the "Scrooge" reviewers, I say lighten up, plug in your Christmas lights and lose yourself in the fantasy for 90 minutes! To the one reviewer who thinks it's a parody on holiday films, and will watch it annually, good for you! :) I didn't see it that way, but at least you're in the holiday spirit of things. I'm going to buy it on DVD. I'm addicted to Christmas movies and my fur-baby (my cat) liked it, which is why it got an 8 with me!

Reviewed by Ria A 7 / 10

I disagree with the other reviews

I think this movie was amazing. THE CGI, the over-the-top acting, the bad cutaways, the entire premise itself...If you're the type to sit around and laugh at horrible low-budget films, I definitely recommend watching it. Perhaps with a couple of drinks. I can imagine if I'd watched this as a child I would have actually, sincerely enjoyed it in the way it was intended, so I'd definitely recommend watching this with the kids. They'll enjoy the silly talking animals, and you can enjoy how bad it is. It's so bad, it's somehow actually good. I feel like it's all very tongue-in-cheek, they must have known what they were doing. Many of the lines had me in tears, not because they were actually funny -- but because of the way they were delivered. I hope these guys make more films, I would happily sit and watch another if it was in the same vain as this one. I hope those kittens found good homes in real life.

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