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Ilka Bessin as Tapir Rosie (voice) (as Cindy aus Marzahn)
Dieter Hallervorden as Ziegenbock Zottel (voice)
Matthias Schweighöfer as Robinson Crusoe (voice)
Aylin Tezel as Stachelschwein Epi (voice)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tiagodb 5 / 10

Near Pixar Quality Animation, Not Pixar Quality Storytelling

It may not be fair to compare an independent Belgian animation to industry dominators like Pixar, but the film industry is competitive.

This film has excellent animation considering it was made by an independent company. Many vibrant colours are featured, and although the don't burst of the screen like Rio, it does add to the aesthetics of the film. Yet, it does feel like the film is very self contained, but it doesn't impact it in a good way. The setting explored (or not) has a lack of scope and the film clearly suffers from this. But for kids, this will not be a problem.

Despite strong design and animation, the direction is nothing notable. There are a maximum of two slightly interesting ideas (in the form of transitions) but other than that, everything else seems average, with no courageous attempts add to adding anything to the story.

Unfortunately, the film falls flat on the storytelling (particularly through dialogue) which just results in everything being cliché and predictable; it brings nothing new to the table. It appears that the writers just gave up, a shame considering if the dialogue wasn't so forced then the film wouldn't suffer so much. There isn't even an innuendo to keep the adults entertained.

This film is a good way to keep the kids occupied for 90mins, but nothing that adults will obtain any pleasure from (unless you are in awe of the animation which I doubt you will be).

Reviewed by E23-films 3 / 10

★★★ - ticks all the boxes

In an age where animation has endless possibilities, it's nice to see a movie that doesn't get bogged down trying to be unique, current or for all ages. Robinson Crusoe does a very solid job as a simple but fun flick you can stick on for the kids. But nothing more.

Having seen the trailer a dozen times or so, I was expecting to be totally disengaged and bored, but it managed to stay interesting throughout. The animation is surprisingly strong, detailed and textured (especially the parrot's feathers). Though this meant it was nice to look at, a lot of the movement lacked physicality, which doesn't sound like a bit deal but it made some of the slapstick gags less effective.

The main problem is the script. There's nothing disastrous about it, it's just very safe and uninventive. We're quite spoilt with the likes of Pixar in their quirky characters and dialogue, which makes movies like this feel badly written. But it does the job. The pretty amateur voice cast doesn't help either, being dubbed from its original French to English.

Ticks all the boxes, but is in a completely different league to the likes of big budget Pixar and DreamWorks movies. Not worth paying to see, but if it's on TV it'll happily entertain the kids while you do something more interesting.

Reviewed by clj-5 8 / 10

What a pleasant movie for both kids and adults

I almost missed this movie - that my daughter at 8 and her coisin at 10 wanted to see - after reading the harsh comments here on IMDb. 5/10? come on!... But I decided to give it a go. And what a pleasant surprise it was. The animations are superb, I missed nothing here compared to Pixar and Dreamworks. And the story and screenplay was above average too. I could name dozens of high profiled animation movies with worse stories. I was entertained all the way, and had to stop myself from breaking out in applause at the end. There's something this studio does in its own way, which is not typical the big studios, and thats refreshing. Looking forward to their next piece. Im giving it a solid 8 out 10, and will definitely recommend this film to everyone. A very fine piece of art. Thank you.

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