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Reviewed by moby1974 8 / 10

Great to see him back

OK big fan of the 1st one, and I do like the 2nd one (directors cut though) and I can also see why some did not like the 2nd, it has some issues but the main one was the ALIEN 3 problem, that been after Aliens and all its army and guns, ALIEN 3 was no guns no army......people wanted more of the same, which in this case its funny to see that a 3rd Riddick film which gives people Riddick vs monsters is getting "its a rehash" Not sure what people want from a film like this, its pure comic book action, and I loved it, but you have to see what they were playing with, less than half the budget of the 2nd film and half as long to shoot, this is a labour of love for the Director and Vin, by today's PG13 Hollywood standards its a miracle it was made as a R/15, as for the film itself they seemed to make good use of the low budget, some very nice setups and yes in parts the low budget shows but as a whole its good, and that about sums up the film...GOOD, I rate it higher than most of Joe public but I am a fan and get more of a kick out of it, and going by the others in the cinema the feeling was "a good action film" while fans came out "great, been waiting ages for this, now give us a 4th, finish the story" I will go see it again and look forward to the BluRay

Reviewed by lschouder-329-467894 5 / 10

I really wanted to like this movie but it just wasn't good

I actually didn't hate the Chronicles or Riddick as much as other people did. I didn't think it was that bad. And of course, Pitch Black was great. Out of the three films in the series, this is definitely the worst. First of all, it's almost exactly the same plot as Pitch Black. Riddick teams with people that want him dead and vice versa to kill deadly creatures and escape the planet they're stranded on. I just don't know why they made the same movie twice. The action in the movie felt uninspired and dull. Plus, for all his legendary skill, Riddick find himself near death as a result of situations that should've been a cake walk for him. The ending was also very abrupt and strange. Two ships ascend, one with Riddick the other with the mercenaries who now admire our hero; they exchange stupid sentiments, screen shot Riddicks' face and then cut to black. What?!!! That was it? The movie stopped but there was no ending. It would've been smarter to see him on the first step of his next adventure. Did he find Furya? Maybe his ship could be flying towards the planet while adventure music plays. But nope. Just Riddicks's face then credits. The movie was very hollow and it felt like nothing really happened. Very poorly done.

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