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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CrimsonKingLives 3 / 10

Did we see the same movie?

I'll be honest, I went to see this knowing it wouldn't be great. The 3D looked awesome, and I was excited to see Wesker. What I wasn't expecting was a dull, pointless, plot less, horribly-acted cornball "action" movie.

Milla has worn out her welcome as a poor-man's Angelina Jolie. I love her, I really do, she's one of my favorite actresses, but this has gone too far. That said...

Without trying to spoil anything, it seems that Paul Anderson had no idea where to go with this sequel, thus throwing everything out from the last film, (I wont go into detail), while shoving small things from the video game in, just to fill time and justify the 'Resident Evil' title. It falls flat, and leaves many of the scenes feeling unneeded and forced.

My MAIN grudge against RE:A is the lack of plot. I do like to see a good mindless action/horror film (Machete and Piranha are on my top 10 list already!), but this film took itself way too seriously, and forgot where the hell it was going at times. Taking a look back at the movie, it seemed like nothing happened throughout the whole 96 minutes! The action scenes, in my opinion, were lame, tame, dull, overdone, and the slow-motion wasn't impressing anyone. It came off, once again, as forced and corny.

I'm a fan of the RE videogames and do nitpick, but at the same time, I've taken the movies for what they are. The first film was great, second meh, third bad, but this one was downright horrible. I'm really not sure I saw the same movie as most of the reviewers here, because what I saw was a flashy, dull, pointless entry in an already dead series. Time to give it a rest Paul.

Resident Evil: Afterlife gets a 3/10 *'s

Reviewed by cycoone 4 / 10

What happened?

One of the things I like about the Resident Evil films is that they take the time to fill in the details while holding the audience in suspense.

This forth film completely falls flat on both accounts. Thanks to 2 dimensional characters, an overdone plot, and poor use of foreshadowing, the entire film is predictable. At the same time it doesn't bother to show or explain how certain important plot devices came to be. The movie reeks from it's overuse of Deus ex machina.

The special effects were the only engaging thing about this movie. A lot of it felt like The Matrix in 3D.

One other thing this film did well was continuity from the 3rd film. I like that they didn't spend much time on flashbacks while being faithful to the events of the 3rd film.

All in all my feeling after seeing the movie was that I was expecting more. They could have made it longer, filled in some missing details, developed the plot/characters more, and had a much more enjoyable film.

Reviewed by rodders81 1 / 10

Rather Stick Rusty Pins Into My Eye Balls!!

I went to the cinema with realistic expectations; however even my with my very low outlook I was shocked by how poor this film was.

The plot was so thin that I honestly feel that it didn't exist. The movie instead was random events of poorly scripted action scenes that at times looked like an 80's cartoon. I am going to list in no particular order the glaring aspects of the movie that exemplify the lack of thought and continuity that went into its creation.

Ammunition: Call me a cynic but surely even futuristic weapons, require to be reloaded or even ammunition? Instead we have full blown automatic fire from handguns that just never run out.

Food: Where does the food come from? Stored? Why is the Hollywood sign still burning 5 years after the end of mankind? Make up: Character been through the 'wars' covered in mud and guts, blink and perfect makeup is reapplied and hair in perfect condition. Miracle!! Fashion: Again would a few survivors, ever have designer trimmed beards, haircuts, clothes in perfect condition? Fuel: A small aircraft that can fly without the requirement for being refuelled.

Ship: Here comes more of my sarcasm: ' I have searched the whole ship and can't find 15,000 people hidden on board, or a giant science lab, or hundreds of fighter planes' .... Oh did you mean check that out that massive door with the umbrella logo on it... well blow me!! Giant Hammer: Random monster with a hammer, comically knocking down a metal door, if you've watched the movie you'll know what I mean.

Armoury: Look lets swim underwater, whilst holding our breath for 20mins to an armoury. Luckily for our intrepid characters the weapons and ammunition are stored together in the same room and oh look at the giant air conditioned unit in the ceiling, fantastic security and it leads straight to the roof of the building, magic.

3D effects: I have watched many 3D movies of late and this one was so poor that I think they forgot to make it 3D.

I feel that this movie could have been a five star bonanza except that there was not plot, thought or direction put into the movie. The movie never promised to be a dramatic enterprise with gritty story lines and depth of characters, never less I am sure any self respecting director of any note would have the self pride and integrity to produce something of more quality and reverence. My recommendation, do not watch this movie!!

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